IGD: Padres @ Rockies (8 Aug 08)

Padres @ Rockies
6:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 742
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 185

Seriously, how many games are left on the schedule?

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  1. Dude just CRUSHED that!

  2. This game is gonna get postponed due to rain.

  3. I gotta believe that last graphic was because of you Geoff. Unless your new 9-5 is producing Pads telecasts for channel 4.

    In case anyone missed the thing it was the total number of homers hit by the padres and then split between solo/men on base.

  4. #3@osidepadre: I totally missed it. Come to think of it, GY hasn’t said what he’s been doing in his 9-5. I asked him via e-mail if he went back to SAIC and his response was a simple no. Another company. Hmmmm…. Time for the conspiracy theorists to chime in.

  5. Oh joy! My hero, Cla Merideth.

  6. F*cking Merideth! He’ll be the one to let the Rocks blow this wide open.

  7. You guys berated me during spring training about him. Again, I told you so. If not for Hundley and Gooch, there would be another runner in scoring position. Finally, Black comes to his senses and yanks this A baller.

  8. Geeze, this is a how to manual, on losing 100 games.

  9. This game got away from our Pads pretty quickly. Sort of a microcosm of this season, I suppose.


    And to think some of us were pissed that he nixed the trade to Boston…

  11. Giles is standing in the outfield saying to himself,”WTF was I thinking, staying on this team.”

  12. Ok…..I’ve been very busy moving and haven’t watched many games but I’ve been following the Padres via D’snorts and the UT. I just turned on the game a half an hour ago. This is bad. Side arm did what TD says he does, Ledezma threw 4 balls, Clay H came in and almost looked strong warming up until that joke of a defense in the outfield made themselves look like rookies or worse. All I’m saying is I just turned on the game and this is what I saw. It was bad baseball and that’s why I can’t watch. Sorry for the negativity but it’s reality. Alright…..got that off my chest. And I don’t care that OG just hit an HR.

  13. Yes, I used a lot of one syllable words in my post. Bare with me– I’ve had 2 or 6 martinis tonight.

  14. #13@Oside Jon: It’s OK Jon, I’m trying to ‘medicate’ myself as well.

  15. #13@Oside Jon: And I’ve had more than a dozen beers. I’m thirsty. I believe that Geoff, Didi, LM, and KRS1 can all attest to the vastness of my thirst.

    And we lose, again.

  16. I think I’ll have another dozen beers. Really.

    Fucking Padres…

  17. #16@Lance Richardson: I had to switch to can beer because I drank my kegerator dry. :(

  18. #17@Turbine Dude: I might switch to bourbon. Just because.

  19. #14@Turbine Dude: #15@Lance Richardson:
    Thanks guys. Prozac just doesn’t work for me.

    Section 300 looked pretty “wet” when I cruised by a few weeks ago. I felt at home.

    Good night all.

  20. #18@Lance Richardson: I turned on XX during lunch today only to hear Jim Rome go on an hour long diatribe about Bombay Saphire Gin. WTF?

  21. #20@Turbine Dude: I caught part of that. My only issue with his assertions was that he recommended just one drink, two if you’re a big drinker. And that’s all. WTF?!?! Two is but an appetizer prior to a hearty meal of two dozen more. But that’s just me, I suppose…

  22. Channel 4 post game is prepping for “bad emails” per Bob Scan later in the show.

    OK….so positives tonight: We still have a baseball team in SD. It’s located in beautiful downtown. Everyone loves Petco. Pokez still serves huge plates. Chargers are pretty good. San Diego is not Hemet (no disrespect to my fellow Hemetians).

  23. #21@Lance Richardson: #20@Turbine Dude: Heard the end of Jimmy…..He needs to “step his game up” to gentleman jack.

  24. #22@Oside Jon: Did you move to Hemet?

  25. hell no. I’m stilllllll in O’side.

  26. #24@Turbine Dude: You’ll need to change your screen name to Hemet Jon.

  27. #25@Oside Jon: Then what’s with the Hemet reference?

  28. My mom moved to Hemet 4 years ago. On days like we’ve been having weather wise I joke that she’s moved to the 7th plain of hell. She always comes back with “but it’s a dry heat”. Whatever…

  29. #28@Ranger31: I used to live in Bakersfield. Just as bad if not worse because we got all of LA’s smog trapped in the southern valley and cotton blowing like it was snowing.

  30. #23@Oside Jon:

    Gentleman Jack sucks donkey balls. I wouldn’t let my dog drink that swill. We’ll go out soon, and I’ll teach you how to drink proper. promise…

  31. So just outta curiosity, after Black and Colbert were tossed the other night who ran the team? I wish this happened earlier on so that Hairston could get a few more innings at 2B and see if it’s a viable option.

  32. #31@Masticore317: I think Hoffman did.

  33. #32@SDSUBaseball: Thanks…I didn’t know the order of operations.