IGD: Padres @ Mets (6 Aug 08)

Padres @ Mets
4:10 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 735
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

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  1. #48@Didi: Sounds like something from one of those Anime movies.

  2. Let’s go Adrian! Put a charge into one.

  3. #49@Masticore317: that’s hysterical. what is his real middle name?

  4. Time to bring up the pen, right? Right! Baek should be done now.

  5. #53@Nick G: Edgar said he has no middle name. So they (MLB) made one up. I believe he said originally it was just the initial V, and then somehow later it became Victor.

  6. 51: Whatever works. Isn’t OG an anime character?

  7. #55@Masticore317: To clarify, Edgar was born without a middle name. Originally MLB started using the letter V, and later MLB changed the V to Victor.

  8. Starting pitcher leaves the game with runners on. We know what happens next.

  9. #59@Field39: still not sure why Beak was left in to hit for himself and then to pitch the 7th…

  10. Headley with a shot to make it 4-2!

  11. welcome to the show, kid

  12. OK, that helps. Two run lead still doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

  13. #60@Masticore317: Having Baek PH and then pitch in the 7th inning was a mistake … pure and simple … bad process …

  14. What’s up with Rayner Contreras? Suspended?

  15. BTW, Eddie Kunz, now pitching for the Mets, was an Oregon St teammate of Mitch Canham … and one that I saw pitch many times … and never once thought I’d see pitching in MLB some day … but you never know, I s’pose …

  16. mets announcers say HR given up by Kunz was his firs since his freshman year at Oregon state

  17. #62@Nick G: they’re saying how this Kunz guy hasn’t given up a HR in 3 years (until Headley hits one in the guy’s MLB debut – ouch!).

    #64@LynchMob: that’s sure what it seems like.

  18. OT … Dogs cough up a 5-spot …


    … 4 of them on a Pujols grannie … now lead 8-3 after 4 …

  19. #67@Nick G: oops – beat me to it!

  20. #68@Masticore317: Kunz’ MLB debut was Aug 3rd … fyi …

  21. #72@LynchMob: Oops! I must have misheard the announcers.

    #71@Kevin: There you go. Dragon Ball Z? I still don’t know what that means.

  22. Hoffman vs the top of the order in the bottom of the 9th … I’m not comfortable … are you?

  23. If only there was a way for Hairston to ONLY bat in the 9th inning!

  24. #73@Masticore317: I don’t what that is, either.

  25. #74@LynchMob: Rather Hoffman than Merideth.

  26. #76@Kevin: I’ve got a friend who always talks about it. “Trunks, man, Trunks is always lurking and he’s evil”. I don’t get it. I wear trunks to swim, but I doubt that’s what he means.

  27. #77@Turbine Dude: Meredith is your favorite, eh?

  28. Scotty just used up the stolen base allotment, for August.

  29. #79@Masticore317: Ummm, yeah.

  30. Ok, Trevor…

    Interesting…Trevor has only pitched 10.2 innings away from home this year.

  31. Nasty change there…ouch!

  32. #79@Masticore317: Well, it paid off.

  33. Yippie! I am relieved!

  34. I’m glad to see Trevor finally get a good save and not struggle.

  35. #22@LynchMob: Inman with a good outing … 6 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 7 Ks …

  36. #15@JMAR: Let’s see what happens. I am favor of the move as long as we get something decent back. If we just let him go and save the money hoping that he will come back in the winter, I will be disappointed, as well as if we get some C level prospect. He’s an average, if slightly above average, OF, but signed at a below market rate.

    It is almost certain that the player coming back has to be a minor leaguer right? Otherwise the player coming in the opposite direction would also have to clear waivers. Or does it not matter?

  37. #89@Bruce: Hey, I and DS just got mentioned by Scan on this topic on the Post Game Show.

  38. #89@Bruce: I believe the players on both sides would have to clear waivers unless they’re not on the 40 man roster.

  39. #89@Bruce: How can a player who is ninth in the league in on-base percentage be just “slightly above average”? And his defense this year has been excellent.

  40. #90@Turbine Dude: Heard it, pretty cool. Good to see your boy Merideth throw well.

  41. #89@Bruce: The kinds of players that pass through waivers (high salaried veterans) aren’t the kind of players the Padres would want back, so I have to think they would get minor leaguers that aren’t on the 40-man roster back. The good thing is that they can easily shop him in the offseason or just keep him for next season, so they can probably just pass on the deal unless the claiming team gives up some good talent.

    #90@Turbine Dude: What did Scan say?

  42. #94@JMAR: Basically what you just said.

    Scan and I e-mail each other back and forth quite often but he seldom uses it on air. And never my full name or a DS shout out. That was wierd. I had just walked back into my living room and Scan is saying my name and mentioning the blog.

  43. Giles was traded to the Padres on Aug 26 2003. Does he become a 5 and 10 guy on the 26th of this month?

  44. #97@Field39:

    I think that the 10 and 5 are tied to MLB service time, rather than calendar dates, but it would seem to me that OG has been in the majors the whole time, accumulating service time. I’d guess that he’d be a 10-5 guy this offseason. Of course, I could be entirely wrong.