IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (19 Aug 08)

Padres @ Diamondbacks
6:40 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 743
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

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  1. As reported by Field39 in last night’s comments, yesterday’s Eugene Emeralds and AZL Padres games were noteworthy for James Darnell’s debut Eugene and Mat Latos was dynamite in a five-inning stint and Logan Forsythe returned.

    As reported at MadFriars …

    James Darnell debuted with a two-out single in his first at-bat as an Emerald and came around to score. Batting third and playing the hot corner, Darnell went 2-for-4 with a walk. A second-round pick in this year’s draft, Darnell hit .306 with 19 HR and 81 RBIs for South Carolina. His RBI total is the fourth highest in a single-season by a Gamecock player. He started all 63 games this year at third base for the Gamecocks. Darnell also led the conference in RBI in SEC games with 40 RBI in 30 conference contests.

    Mat Latos would have pitched to the minimum over five innings but a pair of errors led to two base runners. He did not allow a hit or a walk over five scoreless frames, striking out nine. Latos struck out the side around an error in the second and fanned the side in the fifth. It was his highest strikeout total since whiffing 10 on August 29, 2007 while with Eugene. Latos has struck out 17 over his last nine innings, as Monday was his longest start since May 18.

    Logan Forsythe was back in action after suffering a broken thumb diving into first base in his third professional game with Eugene. After striking out in his first at-bat, he drew a walk and in the sixth as the first of three straight batters to get hit by a pitch. Forsythe, drafted 46th overall by the Padres, completed his junior season second on the Razorbacks in batting average at .351 after leading the squad as a sophomore. For the second straight season he led Arkansas in hits (65 in 2008) and drew 46 walks while fanning 26 times. He also added eight doubles and seven homers while stealing 11 bags in 14 attempts.

    … that’s 3 guys who are still a ways away from San Diego … but seem more likely than the typical players at the lower levels to reach the big club … exciting.

  2. #1@LynchMob: I know it’s just the AZL, but that is exactly the reason why everyone is so high on Latos. To be able to pitch five nearly-perfect innings and strike out nine of the 15 outs in any league is pretty impressive.

    The other guy to watch out for is Fort Wayne’s Jeremy McBryde, who now has 20 BB’s and 135 K’s in 121.2 IP. Gotta love those peripherals, which are probably the best in the organization this season. Check out what he’s done in his last six starts: 4-1, 2.25 ERA, 36 IP, 26 H, 5 BB, 45 K. After talk that he could get yanked from the rotation a few months ago for not using his changeup enough, he’s really been dominant. I’m guessing he’s using his changeup more.

  3. Maybe I’m behind on this, but Maddux to the Dodgers. Its a yard sale for the divorce, right. At least that makes sense, kinda. Can somebody es plain?

  4. What’s up with CY? Any truth to rumors he might be shut down?

  5. If this was already talked about, I apologize.

    My take on this article; it would seem that Moores (John) is moving back to Texas and dropping he control of the Pad’s. It also appears that Becky is slowly taking over the Padres.

    Could be sump’n, might be nut’n; who knows!


  6. #5@PF4L: Hmmm, what a mess … here’s something I found interesting …

    As co-owner, she stated she has funded half of the team’s capital calls this year, estimated by her to be more than $30 million in joint payments.

    … $30 million in cash calls this year? That can’t be, can it? What might that mean?

  7. Methinks we Pad fans may be in for a very unstable and potentially disastrous off-season. If the Pad’s are sold to a truly local interest, then maybe that bodes well for the future, but if John and Becky squabble over who they should sell it to then it might take forever with the result that no real decisions are made payroll or roster wise.

    On another somewhat related topic, An interesting comment was made in the feedback from a reader of Podesta’s blog. She said that (and I paraphrase) to the Aldersons, Podestas, Towers et al, it is a job, but to us fans this team is our first love.

    While they (management) can and likely would get a new job if and when the Pad implode, we fans cannot easily find a new team to root for. While I have no animosity for the Angels I am born and raised in SD so they are out fo the question. Plus, I will never, repeat, never, root for the doggers.


    I am not suggesting that the Pad’s are going to implode, but I do see some storm clouds on the horizon. I almost (but not quite) hope Mr. Selig will step in and ensure stability on the running of the team and the decision making.

  8. LynchMob – A huge mess and I think we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg on this. I would not be surprised to see the Padres ownership/control question in the courts for a long time.

    By the way, how do you link a previous comment in the one you are writing?

  9. Sorry, if you covered this earlier, but does anyone know if we still have to pay Maddux’s salary, like Boston is with Manny and Cleveland is with Blake?

    Hopefully, we at least got rid of salary and got 2 potentially decent prospects.

    Got to see Maddux’s last start as a Padre on Friday.

  10. #7@PF4L: It doesn’t sound like either one wants to sell the Padres; they both seem to want to run it and then hand it over to their daughter. The hard part will be valuing it correctly so that whoever ends up without it is properly compensated. If they can’t figure out a way to do that, they may have to liquidate it.

    To link back to a previous post, click the curvy arrow next to the time stamp.

    #6@LynchMob: $30 million in cash calls? No (conditional). Alderson tried to make a huge pile of hay about a $10 million cash call a couple of years ago. Does anyone think Labor Hawk John Moores would have let an opportunity to pubicly bemoan the state of baseball finances pass by if he’d written a check for that much?

    Unless they’re doing some special accounting tricks or the Padres bought their own private island to go along with the Dominican facility, they couldn’t need a $30 million cash infusion. With kick-ins from the minority owners, that’d be near half the opening day payroll.

  11. #6@LynchMob: In the tradition of bitter divorces, you may have John pumping money into the team, to keep it away from Beckey.

  12. #9@Cabrillos: No details have been released yet.

  13. #9@Cabrillos: Hopefully the Padres are paying all of his salary and getting high end prospects. Realistically, I don’t think so.

  14. Capital Call (also known as a draw down) is the legal right of an investment firm or an insurance firm to demand a portion of the money promised to it by an investor[1][2]

    For example, when an investor buys into a real-estate fund, that fund’s managers may wait some time before using the investor’s money to buy real estate, either because they are waiting for real estate prices to be favorable, or because they are researching new deals. When they are ready to actually buy real estate, the fund managers may issue a capital call, requiring investors who have committed money to the fund to actually transfer that money over.

    Not sure if this is normal or not. Any finance guys out there?

    Basically, Padre FO is in batten-down the hatches mode for the upcoming financial sheet storm headed their way because of the divorce. Lower costs, dump weighted contracts, run lean and mean until something shakes out, which, as noted, could be years.

    Completely unfair, but when I hear about Becky Moores, I think of that lady owner from the movie Major League who was trying to kill off the team. Hell, she might be a better owner then John for all we know.

  15. #10@Tom Waits: According to the article the Padres are over half of the community property. They will have to come to a power sharing arrangement, or sell the team. Hopefully, they resolve it quickly.

  16. #15@Field39: If both of them place a higher value on preserving the team for their daughter, they’ll figure something out. Somebody will take less than 50%, or they’ll work it another way.

    The key question is, do both of them want their daughter to have the team badly enough that they’ll make that kind of compromise? Only they know the answer to that.

  17. Maddux deal is official: Two PTBNL or cash considerations. The cash part may be what held things up with the commissioner’s office.

    Usually when cash considerations are part of the equation, the prospects are not top-notch. We’ll see what DePo has to say, although he probably can’t be remotely specific.

  18. BTW, that def is from Finance Wiki.

  19. #14@PM: Don’t let Lance see you use then in place of than ;>)

  20. The roster move to replace Maddux on the roster: activating Brett Tomko! Schlom will be thrilled. No word if Tomko is stepping into the rotation or if there’ll be another move when we need a starter.

  21. #17@Tom Waits: Yeah, the cash considerations line is the kiss of death. But realistically we weren’t getting anyone major from the Dodgers. Hopefully we get a live arm from A instead of a fifth outfielder from AAA.

  22. #21@Ben B.: What gives me a little encouragement is the rumor that the deal had to be approved by the commissioner’s office. That usually only happens when there’s more than a million dollars involved. I could see the deal being:

    Padres trade Maddux and 1 million dollars to LA now.

    Padres have the right to two PTBNL (from an agreed-upon list) or 1.5 – 2 million dollars from the Dodgers after the season.

  23. We had no leverage with the Dodgers. If we got a substantial prospect back, I would count it as a pretty big win.

  24. DePodesta’s got a post up talking about the trade. Obviously he can’t comment on the non-Maddux players in the deal, but he does say they weren’t under pressure to move Maddux’s salary and that they did the trade to get players back. Those are both good signs.

  25. #22@Tom Waits: If they realy are running lean and mean for the next few years im thinking it will be the latter…

  26. #24@Ben B.: yeah but what is Depo supose to say? He really needed to get rid of maddux’s salary because we are slashing prices next year and oh by the way 2009 season tickets on sale friday!

    you always have to take Depos blog with a grain of salt on that kind of stuff.

  27. #26@Steve C: I don’t think he’d go on record saying the Padres wanted players if it was going to be that easy to prove him wrong.

    The amount of money involved with Maddux doesn’t seem to be enough that they’d move him to the Dodgers without getting what they wanted back.

  28. #26@Steve C: Sure, but there are lots of good PR-y ways to say that they’ll take the money. “We’ll continue to evaluate the possible players involved and at the end of the season we’ll decide which will do more to help the Padres win.” He could have left the line about not being pressured to move Maddux’s salary out. During the Wolf trade he basically confirmed that it was about saving money to spend in other areas. You do have to take what he says with a grain of salt (it’s not like we’re getting star prospects back), but there’s a difference between taking with a grain of salt and assuming he’s lying to us.

  29. #26@Steve C: In fact, the exact exchange was:

    Commenter: “This concerns me. I am reading that the trade is for two players or Cash Considerations? Please tell us it is not the latter! If this is the case, this orginazition will lose a lot of face by completing such a transaction. I understand you can not elaborate about the players involved, but can you confirm that it is for 2 players and not cash?”

    Paul DePodesta: “We want players. There was no other reason for us to trade Greg.”

    That’s absurdly direct.

  30. The FO has had some time before the trade dl to evaluate and discuss the players with LA. They’re not on the ml roster, so how long will it take? BTW did SD get cash or a player in the Cust deal? or did the comp. just sorta fade away?

  31. On 4SD, Towers is being interviewed and just mentioned Hayhurst along with Geer and Ramos as possible young arms to be brought up.

    Interesting indeed. I know that most of us here are really pulling for Hayhurst to get to the show at least once and this could very well be his season.

  32. More details on the Maddux deal on the U-T Padre blog. The Padres will select two players from a list of five. The players are lower level minor leaguers, so no James McDonald, but at least it won’t be 40 man roster refuse. The players on the list were given a cash value so if they get hurt the Padres can opt for the cash instead.


    I’m rooting for Hayhurst to take the start.

  33. #31@Jeremy: Tomko was activated…

    I’m totally rooting for Hayhurst as well. I wonder if he’ll still be allowed to write if he gets the call. MLBPA may not care for that.

  34. Mike Cameron has caught fire. His performance this year with the Brewers (116 OPS+)is nearing his 2006 performance with the Padres (121 OPS+).

  35. To get Maddux, the Dodgers traded him to San Diego for two Minor Leaguers to be named or cash considerations, probably after the season ends. The teams will share the cost of the remaining $2.3 million of Maddux’s $10 million contract. Maddux had a no-trade clause, but told the Padres he would waive it for the Dodgers so he could remain close to his Orange County home.


  36. #34@JP:

    C’mon, JP. He strikes out a ton.

  37. #33@Masticore317: Allowed to write?

  38. Opponents hit .285 against Banks.

  39. #36@Stephen: I know. I met a Brewers fan in a recent Chicago trip that said he liked Cameron but tempered his enthusiasm with “but, he sure strikes out a lot”. Cameron is still a good player though, especially with his defensive work. We saw a nice sample of his defensive work with his recent trip to Petco.

  40. Strikeouts are not a big minus. It’s better than GIDP.

  41. #40@JP: JP, next time you are in Chicago could you pick me up a six pack of Shlitz and a six pack of Old Style?

  42. #42@Turbine Dude: I am going to go next year to see the Pads play the Cubbies. I would be more than happy to pick up some classic brews for you.

  43. Will Banks make it out of the first?

  44. #41@Kevin:

    I can’t help it with the not so obvious sarcasm. Sorry.

    OK, who couldn’t stop themselves from perusing the comments on the U-T story? Lowest-common denominator rant. Don’t even know what to properly critique KT about. (Worst trading GM in the league, for ex.)

  45. #43@JP: I grew up with my dad having the fridge stocked with Shlitz and when I was stationed at Great Lakes Training Center, we all drank Old Style. Can’t find the stuff in SD. Thought it would be cool to take my dad a ice cold six pack over to his place and suprise him.

  46. #45@Stephen: You mean you were being sarcastic?

  47. Unfortunately, the Padres can only be a spoiler team for the NLW this year.

  48. #47@Kevin:

    That’s what I get for typing here and eating there. Yes, I like Cameron.