IGD: Padres vs Diamondbacks (30 Jul 08)

Padres vs Diamondbacks
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 748
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 187

Petco Park doesn’t fool me often, but I really thought Jody Gerut had himself a go-ahead pinch-hit grand slam in the eighth on Tuesday night. Man, he crushed that ball.

Oh well, it was fun to imagine for a moment that we might come back and win after being thoroughly dominated by a thoroughly mediocre pitcher for most of the evening.

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  1. #144@JP:
    Myrow: I think this goes back to the 12 man pitching staff debate. If you are going to have a 12 man staff you cannot afford to dedicate a bench slot to a PH/1b. Which returns to the question: Why Myrow?

    Corey: DePodesta has made it very clear in his blog, that they are leary of promoting people before their time. This may explain holding on to Corey, rathr than trying out a younger guy.

  2. #151@Field39: good point about “leary of promoting people before their time” … it is a practice I agree with …

    re: 104 … Tomko now pitching for Storm …

  3. #108@LynchMob: I really like Blanks. He has good balance at the plate and always tries to take the ball up the middle first, rather than simply trying to jack out every pitch. The homeruns will come but right now he is learning the basics of hitting ~ and to boot, the guy is selective at the plate.

    I believe that he can indeed play the outfield and that he is athletic enough to do so. And he shows some fire as well. Look at him sling the bat in disgust when he gets called out on a check swing in a recent game at Frisco (see link) http://tinyurl.com/55uswm

  4. I cannot believe how young Blanks is. He carries himself like a 10 year mlb vet. He is very intense and focused.

  5. I saw someone mention it briefly but how about the Marlins getting Manny? They are trading some prospects and Jeremy Hermida for 2 months of Manny Ramirez. Then they will let him walk (supposedly they are going to get a guarantee that Manny won’t accept arbitration) and take the draft pick. So basically, instead of going through with arbitration with Hermida, they’d rather have a draft pick. How can an organization that cheap be better then the Padres? If I was Sandy Alderson, I would throw pretty much any amount of money at their chief scout and player development people, they are way the hell better then what the Padres have.

  6. #151@Field39: It’s not like the pen guys at Portland are young spring chickens and will be rushed if we give them a look.

    Portland has the 28 year old PCL All Star Edwin Moreno (who did blow the save tonight) or older minor leaguer Dirk Hayhurst and of course Kevin Cameron (29).

  7. I say drop Corey and give Dirk Hayhurst a shot…

  8. http://tinyurl.com/67tgfh

    One non prospect dark horse that I sort of like is Josh Alley. A consumate spray hitter, his offensive numbers look more like a pesky second baseman rather than a corner outfielder and he has average speed but he nonetheless intrigues me as sort of a extremely poor man’s Lenny Dykstra.

  9. A good at bat for 25 year old Drew Macias. A minor league FA at the end of the year, some team may want to give this guy a look. Nice swing and may have some upside.


  10. I’ve seen enough of Corey. The last time he struck out anybody was on July 12.
    Shoot, I’d rather have an extra bat on the bench and just let him pitch than knowing for sure the pitcher can’t get any outs.

  11. JP, thanks for all the videos.
    I like Blanks as well. He’s going to hit some balls really hard and far. His plate discipline is very good for as young as he is.

  12. #79@JP: Funny since pitching is why they aren’t in the race this year.

  13. #34@JMAR: He was talking only about the hitters on the 25-man roster.

  14. #162@Richard Wade: CY gone for almost 2 months with fluke injury. A healthy CY every 5th day makes quite a difference.

  15. Not sure if this has been reported yet. Per Rotoworld: Khalil Greene isn’t expected to play Thursday after hurting his left hand while hitting a storage chest during Wednesday’s game.


  16. #165@Masticore317: I heard on the radio this morning that he broke his hand.