IGD: Padres vs Braves (11 Jul 08)

Padres vs Braves
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 747
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 189

I hope to see some of you at this evening’s shindig. Rock on…

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  1. 69. I think it’s fairly clear that he is critical of the “out of date” over-emphasis on OBP, that in PMAC’s case, caused the team to overlook other deficincies in his game. I’m still a fan, believing he needs to start concentrating on driving the ball instead of taking so many strikes.Tonight he’s got 3 more hits–OB 7 of 10 in Portland,five of them hits.

  2. #100@Pudge: “I have been a season ticket holder ( and not some mini pack ) for 20 years.”

    You must be very wealthy. Can I have a grant?

  3. #102@Turbine Dude: I just figured in a quick calculation that Pudge has spent around 250K give or take, just going to the games over the past 20 years. Wow. I’m impressed.

  4. Hairston: .263/.311/.518

    Edgar Gonzalez: .304/.351/.424

  5. Adrian: .281/.350/.512

    Headley: .276/.284/.506

  6. Lay offa Pudge, guys. I’m a season ticket holder, and my four seats run about $16,000.00 per season. Obviously there are people who pay year after year, or we wouldn’t have major league baseball to watch. Pudge isn’t necessarily wealthy, but he obviously loves the Padres.

    While you kids were bickering, I did the BP thing, along with KRS1, Geoff, Lynchmob, and Didi. KRS1 flirted incessantly with a fourteen-year-old girl at the game. To be fair, she appeared to be at least seventeen. We dined at at Donovan’s afterward. Life is good.

  7. #97@Pudge: I was just making the point that we have several league average or better guys at six positions. To suggest it’s impossible to win with any of them but Adrian Gonzalez (who has only been our second best hitter) next year is outrageous. To suggest we can win with the same squad next year is similarly off base. I’m not a homer, I’m just trying to focus on the positive so as not to make the entire season unbearable.

    Fun facts: Khalil Greene has been about a win and a half worse at the plate this year than had he maintained the same wOBA he had last season over this season’s 367 PA. Khalil was the Padres’ 4th most valuable hitter last season.

    Josh Bard has been just over a win worse than last year’s wOBA would have been worth over this year’s 145 PA. Josh Bard was the Padres’ 3rd most valuable hitter last season.

    Adrian Gonzalez is hitting almost exactly the same as he did last year when he was our most valuable hitter. This year he’s second to Brian Giles who was 5th on the squad in 2007.

    Jody Gerut is actually hitting better than Mike Cameron did last season (though just barely, it’s more of a wash than anything).

    We are actually getting better production from our primary starters at first, second, center and right than we did last season when we won 89 games. Catcher and shortstop are both significantly worse despite being the same players, while third base has had a small drop off (maybe 4 runs) and left field has been worse if only because Milton Bradley was just so ridiculously good last year because we’re actually getting pretty solid results from Hairston and Headley.

  8. #100@Pudge: I, too, have despised our run of success previously unseen in franchise history.

  9. #29@Lance Richardson: Do you really think it’s impossible for the Padres to win next year if they have any ONE of Brian Giles, Scott Hairston, Edgar Gonzalez, Jody Gerut or Kevin Kouzmanoff, Chris Young, Randy Wolf, Greg Maddux starting? Joe Sheehan said that in his article. Regardless of how bad this season has been and will likely continue to be, I have a hard time believing a team is doomed to fail just because they’re starting one or more of those players.

  10. Awesome seeing everyone last night. Hope to do it again.

  11. #109@Richard Wade:

    No, Richard, I don’t think it’s impossible to win with any one of those guys. But it’s pretty damned unlikely that a team can win with ALL of those guys.

    Our lineup is filled mostly with mediocrities, and far too few players who drive a team toward a pennant.

    I am as devoted to the use of the right statistics as you are (well, maybe not quite as devoted as you), but the most significant and telling stats are wins and losses. At season’s end, our Padres are gonna have at least 95 of those “loss” thingies, and that metric won’t be a lie.

    BTW, where the hell were you last night. We were all surprised that you weren’t there.

  12. #106@Lance Richardson:

    It was a great night last night. Thanks to Geoff, Lance, LynchMob and Didi for hanging out. I hope to see you guys again soon.

    I think Lance may have gotten a little hazed last night. It wasn’t me that flirted with the 14 year old (Lance). I won’t go and throw someone directly under the bus (Lance) by mentioning names (Lance) but one of us was definitely flirting with a 14 year old (Lance).


  13. #111@Lance Richardson: I was in the District, of Columbia instead of Gaslamp.

  14. #111@Lance Richardson: I know it’s difficult to win with all those guys. I said as much in one of my comments. My point was that it’s ridiculous to suggest that they all need to be replaced. You can win with average guys taking up several lineup spots as long as you don’t have black holes like Khalil and the catchers.

  15. Oh and as for where I was, I had plans to hang out with one of my friends who was home from college before I knew when the Pizza Feed was going to be.