IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (6 Jul 08)

Padres @ Diamondbacks
1:10 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD, DIRECTV 731
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

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  1. #31@Turbine Dude: 10-21 on full counts. Thats a pretty sweet stat! E-go IS the man! Wish we could string a few together and knock a couple in.

  2. The vault is open on Banks. Time to pull him.

  3. C’mon Khalil! Take the damm down and away pitch. Will you NEVER learn?

  4. #53@130tom330: So frustrating!

  5. Go BIG Scotty!

  6. or, go home!

  7. Turbine Dude, your favorite sidearmer is in. Where’d ya go? =)

  8. #57@Oside Jon: Nice D by TD’s boy there.

  9. #58@130tom330:
    Hilarious. The claw looked a little spooked with that ball coming his way.

  10. How about a come back and blown AZ save?

  11. #59@Oside Jon: The way things been going with baseballs and faces this season for SD, can you really blame him?

  12. Can you believe Gonzo scored there? Seemed like it too 5 minutes for that play to shake out. Nice hustle there boys!

  13. Devastating speed! LOL :)

  14. #61@130tom330: True. I’d have just wuss’d out and gotten out of the way.

  15. if they dont’ score kouzmanoff….

  16. #65@Oside Jon: ditto brother!

  17. #57@Oside Jon: I went to get something to eat. I’m starving. Holy crap! We’ve almost got a ballgame here!

  18. #67@130tom330: probably would’ve let out a little shriek as I dove behind the mound! ROTFLOL

  19. At least KG didn’t strike out. FFFFFFFFFFF

  20. You gotta be kidding!

  21. Can Giles do Kirk Gibson?

  22. AHHHHHH! Made contact there at least Spicoli. Don’t strand the runner. Runner on the three bag with no outs, man that sounds tragically familiar.

    Mighty OG at the bat.

  23. whimper, whimper, dull thud! How do we do that so consistently. Kooze died on third at least twice today. ERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Once again, I feel like the Aflac duck.

  25. Going to the beach. Later boys.

  26. Khalil is a freaking joke…… what team is looking for a shotstop, let’s get them on the phone..

    That was ri-freaking-dicculous.

  27. BTW, McDonald’s sucks.

  28. #77@Richard D.: you gotta buy into the party line. “Were spoiled by his defensive ability, we’d miss him before he was gone!”

    Maybe asking Wally for some help, swallowing a little of your arrogant “I dont need a hitting instructor” pride and learning to lay off a freaking breaking pitch away would help!

    So frustrating says it all#54@parlo:

  29. #7@Turbine Dude: At work – it’s already Monday here…

  30. #81@Kevin: Yeah right, Fool me once…