IGD: Padres vs Mets (8 Jun 08)

Wil LedezmaPadres (27-37) vs Mets (30-31)
Wil Ledezma vs Pedro Martinez
1:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

Quick observations from Saturday’s win:

  • I don’t enjoy watching Cha Seung Baek pitch. He nibbles a little too much for my taste.
  • Where the heck was Justin Huber throwing the ball?
  • I’m glad Michael Barrett finally did something useful. We’ve been waiting a long time for that.
  • Raul Casanova plays for the Mets? As in, the guy the Padres once acquired from the Mets for Tony Fernandez?

Jake Peavy threw 61 pitches in a simulated game and is scheduled to start against the Dodgers on Thursday… But first, the Padres look to sweep New York on Sunday…

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  1. Also, first major league win for Carlos Guevara.

  2. Hey, I remember how this feels, it’s been awhile but they’ve been pretty steady lately. 5 in a row feels great. Happy Baseball, Go Padres.

  3. Gerut turns on a Billy Wagner fastball and grounds a base hit in right. Wow….can’t ask for anymore from Jody Gerut in that situation !

    7 games out in early June. The Pads fought their way back from oblivion but still along way to go.

  4. Just got back from the game. That was great. 5 in a row. Section 300 was empty, plenty of room to put the feet up. Trevor sealed it. Tony smoked that ball.

    Awesome game.

  5. Ledezma to the pen ? How Ledezma DFA’d and bring up Hayhurst to replace him. We don’t need another lefty in the pen now that Hampson is back.

    Beavers win again. Josh Geer with another good outing and he is now striking batters out now as well. Antonelli got a hit today as well, a big double to knock in a run.

  6. Padres only 7 out. Thanks NL West for being lousy this month

  7. #47@Kevin: hysterical…like you’re embuing Jason Mewes.

  8. My 2-year-old twins’ first game and they made it for all 9. We were in 320. A little fuller there, as lots of us cheapies took advantage of the Coke family 4-pack offer. We already got tix for the next one – a Sunday game vs. the Tigers. Gonna do the Beach for the first time. Not looking forward to the obstructed view but the kids will probably love the sand.

  9. Wow. A comeback win. Nicely done, Padres.
    Now is the time to trade Clark. His value is skyrocketing, right?

  10. #58@Stephen:
    The beach/bleachers is perfect for 2 year old’s. Everyone out there generally has kids. Friendly environment.

    We’re headed there for my son’s 9 year bday. Perfect place for them to play and you to watch them in front of you (in the sand). Not many seat are obstructed. We are thinking Tigers but on a Friday.

    Good luck

  11. 58: That’s awesome. And an exciting win as well.
    Just remember the sunscreen out there on the beach.

  12. Just got back from the shirt (screenprinter) factory – I designed and ordered 100 shirts to start – the shirts say ” I am a Trevor Hoffman apologist”. Any orders ?

  13. No kidding. We seemingly got no direct exposure today but my daughter still got a little red. (Bad dad, grrr.)

  14. #62@JP:

    I’m in. I can send you biling info shortly. I love and get angry over Hoffy, but all in all he can kick my ass any day of the week and he has like 540 saves or something like that. =)

    TOny Clarke interviewn on channel 4 right now. How convenient.

  15. #64@Oside Jon: Hey Jon – I was only kidding with the Hoffy apologist shirt concept but it sounds like a good idea doesn’t it ?

  16. 65: That would be awesome shirts with picture of Holliday not touching homeplate or more recently Edgar Gonzales holding onto the ball (view from homeplate).

  17. #62@JP: Count me in! I’ll wear it to his HOF induction ceremony. :)

  18. #67@130tom330: not angry, or humiliated, just still eatin’ crow. When I’m wrong I’m wrong…

  19. “Finally, I made a contribution other than shaking hands at the end of the game.” — Tony Clark

  20. #64@Oside Jon: Hoffman has 538 saves in 604 opportunities for a save percentage of .891.

  21. Brian Giles is now fifth in the National League in on-base percentage at .420. Fifth is great considering Chipper is first at .504, Pujols is second at .474 and Berkman is third at .458.

    Russell Martin is fourth at .422.

  22. #65@JP:
    You bet it does….=) I kind of figured you were joking but if you weren’t I’m always down for weird t-shirts.