IGD: Padres vs Mets (6 Jun 08)

Randy WolfPadres (25-37) vs Mets (30-29)
Randy Wolf vs Johan Santana
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

The last time Johan Santana faced the Padres, he served up a homer to Dave Roberts (the last time Roberts took a southpaw yard) and lost to Darrell May in what appears to be the final victory of the latter’s big-league career. Baseball is a strange game…

Fun fact: Brian Giles normally comes to the plate accompanied by the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Scar Tissue.” When Wolf pitches, though, he uses Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London.”

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  1. C’mon Trev, Randy deserves a win tonite!

  2. 1st Pitch strikes, that,s a good sign. 2 down.

  3. I think it’s cool that Mad Dog sits in the dug out with a glove. Classic.

  4. Vasgersian seems to be under the impression that Carlos Delgado is the same hitter he was 5 years ago — there’s a reason he’s sitting on the bench now and it’s not because he’s going to hit 300/450/600 with45 HR.

  5. Taxes

  6. Let’s close. Looking great.

  7. PADRES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Vintage Hoffman.

  9. My vote for Player of the Game: Randy Wolf

  10. Vintage Trevor and 3 Game streak. Kouz with a game winning RBI. This was a great game.

  11. Trevor….only guy with 500 saves on a team that most of the years didn’t provide many wins. I said he was done but I’m learning.

  12. #159@Turbine Dude: The Professor is definitely born again (lived since the) old school.

    Trev had the good stuff tonite. Lets hear it from the “Trevor is washed up crowd!” Thats three solid outings in a row. Though I must admit I left last nights game as soon as he headed out for the non-save sit. i just can’t watch that stuff anymore…

  13. Another 2-1 win. Unbelievable.

  14. #157@130tom330: BTW Tom, thanks for making the blog a little bit more fun.

  15. #168@Oside Jon: #169@130tom330: I’m not gonna say he’s not done. He has his moments. However.com, his moment are becoming farer and fewer between. Just keeping it real. Trevor is one of the all time greats.

  16. #171@Turbine Dude: Likewise my friend. The DS blog has become the best part of watching a game at home lately. I caught myself logging in this week after I got home from the game, just to see the pearls of wisdom I’d missed.

    GO PADS, three in a row! Randy is 4-4, now the ball club needs to catch up. Happy Baseball boys and girls, EXCEPT for the racist at #72, U SUK! Sorry GY, had to get it off my chest. I sweated my a$$ off in the desert for there people too unfortunatly.

  17. #174@130tom330: I’m also a 1st Gulf War vet. Don’t worry. GY will cut that short.

  18. OMG they’re still around! Take your stupidity and ram it up yer…..Dont include us in your “WE!” We dont need you spreading hate and ignorance, you’re an idiot. We support our team, our families, and our friends, and refues to sink to your base level. When your done crawling outta your primordial ooze, you might want to recognize the plurality of the many Americans who’ve bled througout the world who’d be ashamed to recognize your right to spread your hate. Take your bs elsewhere!

  19. Obviously, I just voted Randy Wolf.

    BTW, Scan really does answer ALL of his e-mails regardless of the topic. He’s a pretty cool guy and supports the DS blog. If you mail him, mention DS and he’ll probably get back to you the same day. He’s always been cordial to me.

  20. #175@Turbine Dude: My girlfriend is half Jamaican and I am half pis@d. I liked your posts tonight, see you tomorrow. On second thought, I need to have some teeth pulled Saturday. See you Monday!

  21. #179@parlo: As per Anthony, stay painless my friend.

  22. #174@130tom330: On behalf of all of us greatful Americans and Veterans, thank you for your service to our country. Freedom is not free. Neither is blood.

  23. #180@Turbine Dude: TD claims that MGD and Percocets (SP) will make a Padres game painless, I’d recommend a Sierra Nevada, but choose your own poison. If it works for the “08 season, it’ll work for a root canal (whatever you’re doing can’t possible be worse than that!)

  24. A’ight then, Scan mentioned my boy, and went with TD’s boy! Couldn’t agree more. Trev did a great job sealin’ the deal.

    Gotta run, laptops outta juiced for the moment. Been a pleasure, save “Monica’s” bs. (Probably some little man hiding behind his mom’s login. Get ‘em GY

  25. #183@130tom330: Tom, no Percocets, just Tylenol 3. MGD=$89, Sierra Nevada=$145. Pure economics.

  26. #184@130tom330: Tom, I’ll be up for awhile check back in.

  27. #186@Turbine Dude: Roger that, back on-line. MGD vs. Sierra is a “quality of life” issue, not an economics issue. Thats why i went to college, to afford the “quality” i knew I”d soon become deserving.

  28. #187@130tom330: Gotta run, better half is draggin me out to meet up with the girlfriends. Ill be at the game tomorrow (Sec 130, R8, Seat 23-24) with the old man, swing by if your able. Otherwise I’ll catch ‘yall on Sun.

  29. Right on.

  30. #165@Sean Callahan: Thanks for taking care of the ritual.

  31. Hoffman has 537 saves, not that anyone is counting.

  32. I like how the filter only censors “Dick” if it’s part of the comment.

  33. All of the NL West teams won, but the Padres are 9-8 in their last 17 games.

  34. Three straight 2-1 wins.

  35. #113@Jeremy: Thanks, glad you like the filter. I’m working on a poll exactly as you describe — should be up on Monday, if not sooner.

    On a more general note, I had to delete a lot of posts from this one due to a troll and some responses to it. Reminder: Don’t feed the trolls.

  36. #186@Geoff Young: Roger that! Don’t feed the trolls, sorry for the manifesto.