IGD: Padres vs Cubs (3 Jun 08)

Wil LedezmaPadres (23-36) vs Cubs (37-21)
Wil Ledezma vs Jason Marquis
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 186


You Hit Like a Pitcher
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference and are through games of June 2, 2008.
Russ Ortiz, career 577 .207 .260 .292 23 0 6 34 126
Padres leading off inning, 2008 557 .190 .251 .289 23 2 8 38 124

Thank goodness we have the Rockies in our division…

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  1. #50@Jeff: May as well walk him…

  2. My bad I forgot 1st was open. No this could be the at bat of the game.

  3. One more strike.

  4. Barrett has done a good job of protecting that plate tonight.

  5. Nice to see more Padres fans cheering tonight rather than Cubs fans.

  6. Not collecting that out at second, is starting to loom large.

  7. Wil the thrill! He’s making it exciting all right. But, not in a good way. Kind of in the Hoffman way.

  8. Lee has the ability to hit a GS.

  9. Can he get Lee a 2nd time?

  10. The thrill is gone.

  11. Will’s got to go. I mean, DFA’d.

  12. It could have been worse. Let’s hope Adrian’s bat can get us a couple of runs back. I think Buddy let Will go too long. But, Buddy makes more money than I do. So, who am I to say.

  13. I like how he went after these guy with his fastball when thing got tight. Game is on now.

  14. I know it’s nice for Ledezma to get a chance for a win. But the first priority is for the team to win, and Ledezma and his inability to throw strikes does not give the team the best chance in that bases loaded situation against Lee. Terrible decision to leave him out there.

  15. Corey is pulling to the left.

  16. Ledezma was alright. Again, he shows some really good pitching and then some really mediocre stuff. A mixed bag. The kind it is hard to rely on regularly. You need lots of rolaids.

  17. Thank you Brian.

    Now the bats gotta get hot again. I lay this situation soley on Black’s shoulders. He should have yanked Ledezma two batters earlier.

    My God this is a long game. 2 hrs. into it and it’s only the bottom of the 5th.

  18. #68@Turbine Dude: I think he wanted to see how Ledezma looked, when things got tight. The rest of this season is as much an audition, as anything else.

  19. wi#68@Turbine Dude: With Ledezma out it will speed up.

  20. #69@Field39: I see your point. But, if I feel a tire going flat, I don’t wait for a blowout to pull over and change it.

  21. Wow, didn’t we see this yesterday?

  22. A little sleepwalking for Iguchi.

  23. Crap. We can hang in for a few innings and then the wheels fall off again. If only the offense could score a few runs, there is still a lot of time left in this one. But, down 3 is almost impossible to overcome.

  24. #74@Geoff B: Seems to be this year. Our lack of quality starters is very evident.

  25. Greene! That’s gotta raise his average to at least .208!

  26. #76@Geoff B: He has to start the turn around, sooner or later. Doesn’t he?

  27. #77@Field39: Yes. So, it might as well be tonite. A single and a sac fly already. 3 for 4 with a HR and 2B tomorrow!

  28. This is ridiculous. Good nite. Good bye to any momentum the Pads had a few days ago.

  29. Weeeeell, I’d say this game is pretty much over. Might as well get Trever some face time. He’s got nothing to lose now. Give him a work out for an inning.

  30. 2 hits for Green tonight, maybe he is going to heat up.

  31. Rally time, Lou’s going to the pen.

  32. Nice hit by Edgar, they are not going down easy.

  33. OG takes a called strike three, right down the middle.

  34. Gerut and McAnulty are starting to be impressive. They have on-base percentages of .356 and .352, respectively.