IGD: Padres vs Nationals (28 May 08)

Shawn EstesPadres (20-33) vs Nats (22-31)
Shawn Estes vs Odalis Perez
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

The ability to throw left handed and breathe at the same time can make some men very rich…

On a less facetious note, have you noticed how much Kevin Kouzmanoff has improved defensively this year? He’s eighth in the big leagues in range factor (ahead of guys like Adrian Beltre and David Wright), and nobody has turned more double plays at the hot corner (an even dozen, the same number he turned all of last year!). Heck, Kouz rules the world in terms of RZR:

Kouzmanoff’s Defense
Year FPct RF RZR DP/100inn
Statistics are courtesy of ESPN and Hardball Times, and are through games of May 27, 2008.
2007 .932 2.38 .680 1.05
2008 .974 2.85 .779 2.50

That really isn’t the same guy…

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  1. Mike Lamb apparently fields like Ryan Braun. Too bad he doesn’t hit like him.

  2. Beautiful diving catch by Hairston.

  3. Amazing lineup construction by Black tonight actually playing the righties on the team against the lefty pitcher.

  4. Would have been nice if that ball had gone yard.

  5. Nice start, Tad gives an out away and Adrian gets Petcoized.

  6. What happened to Huber?

  7. I don’t understand why Carlin is starting over Barrett. Facing a below average lefty like Perez could have been a great opportunity to get him going.

  8. #6@Ben B.: No word yet. My wife thinks he’s been traded.

    #7@Bryan: Day game tomorrow. Black tends to start his backup the night before.

  9. #7@Bryan: Maybe Carlin and Estes have a good rapport from Portland?

  10. Good heads up play at second by Kouz.

  11. #8@Geoff Young: Does Sandra know something we don’t?

  12. #12@Turbine Dude: Nope, they’re saying Huber had back spasms. Ouch.

  13. 8: Ah, indeed, that’s a good reason. Still would’ve liked to see Barrett against Perez though.

  14. From what I can recall, Estes is really only good for about 4 1/2-5 innings.

  15. #15@Turbine Dude: This year, I’ll take it.

  16. Looks like Estes’ wheels have fallen off. Is there anyone up in the pen?

  17. Estes is doing a nice Rick Ankiel impression. Yikes…

  18. geez, Estes is coming unglued.

  19. Giving up a Grand Slam, doesn’t get much worse than that.

  20. There’s the downside of sticking a guy who isn’t a big-league pitcher in your rotation.

  21. It’s okay, though, we’ve got Wil Ledezma going tomorrow.

  22. #23@Geoff Young: I feel so much better now.

  23. Bad time to tune in and watch the game.

  24. They are going to get to June 1, without so much as a three game win streak.

  25. The fact that they’ve won one of the three games Estes started so far is pretty amazing to me. That’s one more win they I thought they have in his starts.

    Does Baek take Estes’ spot after tonight and will Banks take Ledezma’s after tomorrow?

  26. The Dodgers and Cubs are tied in the 11th. Maybe I’ll go watch that.

  27. Another maple death spear gets us a run.

  28. The Commisioner needs to outlaw those bats before somebody get seriously injured or killed.

  29. What the heck happened to the Padres this season? Last season they were one strike away from the playoffs and tonight they’ve played Shawn Estes, Jody Gerut, Justin Huber, Luke Carlin, Edgar Gonzalez, and Mike Adams. That’s not good. Towers wasn’t quite Bill Bavasi bad this off-season but he might have been Dave Littlefield bad — or is that too harsh? I remember saying that some of the Padres moves were things the Royals or Pirates would do — but that was a little too critical of the Royals and Pirates.

  30. Hey, good news. Up at Portland, in his 2nd plate appearance, Antonelli walked.

  31. #31@Schlom: If you think it is bad now. In about a month, they will need replacements for Maddux, Wolf, Giles, and Iguchi.

  32. Nice 3 run shot by Hairston!!! It’s a 2 run ballgame, folks.

  33. Well, now we’ve got a ballgame again.

  34. Looks like Dukes got the wind knock out by the way he was holding his chest.

  35. This team doesn’t quit, you got to give them that.

  36. #37@michael: I think it’s important when you make 7 figures a year to always give an effort. :-)

  37. that had to hurt.

  38. #39@Field39: You think? He’s gonna have one helluva bruise tommorow morning.

  39. #33@Field39: If they were replaced by young players I wouldn’t mind so much. At least bring up guys with major league futures.

    Personally, I think Ayala was throwing at A-Gon right there.

  40. WIth Merideth on the mound, that’s my cue to go to bed. Later.

  41. What the hell happened there?

  42. #41@Schlom: More sobering is that Gerut even gets starts and key at bats against lefthanders.

    If Huber is out – then who gets his roster spot ? Ambres ? I know that would kill you Schlom :)

  43. #43@Richard Wade: How does the ball hit the bag, and bounce higer?

  44. #45@Field39: I have no idea. That was just wrong.

  45. #44@JP: I don’t mind Gerut getting enough at bats, to show what he does, or doesn’t have.

  46. #47@Field39: Do we really need to see more of Jody Gerut ? What is his upside ? An everyday player ? I actually like Gerut as an end of the roster/4th or 5th outfielder.

  47. And why not#48@JP: It’s a good thing John Moores doesn’t care whether the Padres win or lose as otherwise Towers might feel a little nervous about his job security. If the Padres ever have a game where they start Estes, Gerut and Ambres all together I’d seriously think about boycotting the rest of the season. Luckily I don’t think it will happen as we probably only have about a week before Headley comes up.

  48. #48@JP: We need to see enough of him, so there is no question going into the off season, as to his abilities.
    If he is going to fail, let him do it convincingly and now, rather than later.