IGD: Padres @ Giants (8 Apr 08)

Randy WolfPadres (5-3) @ Giants (1-6)
Randy Wolf vs Tim Lincecum
7:15 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 184

The Padres have outscored opponents, 17-6, over the first three innings of games this year. They’ve beeen outscored by the exact same number over the final three. The club also is hitting .313/.351/.406 with RISP, while the opposition is hitting .182/.262/.273 in those situations.

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  1. 247: I’ll put up the whole list after the game. Sox haven’t had a losing season since Tampa Bay joined the division.

  2. At least we didn’t line into another DP

  3. I can’t believe were watching a sea gull mid air collision

  4. Come on Gonzo, lets end this thing…

  5. 254: that would be nice

  6. shoot

  7. 251: Yeah, some of those years, finishing 10-12 games behind NY, just left a bitter taste in my mouth. Funny to look back and see how good they’ve been for so long, compared to the rest of baseball.

  8. well … I’m gona watch the rest of the game tucked in bed … I’m gona be hurt’in at 430 am for work … good night ,… good luck Padres …

  9. The Giants as a team have thrown 191 pitches (4.06 P/PA). The Padres have only thrown 124 (3.54 P/PA). I’m tracking that and I’m bored, so I thought I’d share.

  10. I missed it, how close was that to gone?

  11. 258: Playing in the same division as the Yankees will do that to your perspective.

  12. 261: Gameday showed it at the wall

  13. Nice K

  14. 262: Yes it will : )

  15. Losing to the Giants is pretty sad.

  16. dang it!

  17. sonnnnovvaaab!!!!tch

  18. Bengie Molina… really? 2 HRs… really?

  19. what a waste great pitching

  20. Well you can’t blame this loss on the bullpen.

  21. Benjie freakin Molina…you gotta be kiddin’ me.

  22. what a waste of great pitching – i meant

    so frustrating!!!!

  23. A classic 2 runs of 10+ hits by the Padres…

  24. better luck tomorrow

  25. Well, that sucked. And that winning/losing season streak list is up.

  26. Timmons did us no favors.

  27. the problem with setting yourself up to win with pitching and defense is that it leaves you open to losing these kind of games…

    We MUST do a better job of bringing runners around to win this division this year. Small ball? Taking more chances on the base paths? Productive outs? If I knew the answer, I would have Buddy’s job.

  28. They are going to need luck, it doesn’t look like talent will be enough.

  29. 279: Hey, cool, Richard. 15 in a row for the Pirates — unreal.

    As for my “keys to the loss” — obviously you could point to many things, but the base running mistake by Kouz was a killer. Also, I’ll go back to the 9th, the Giles sac fly … not sure that’s really what we wanted there, but it looks good at the time … anyway, it’s not like he was necessarily trying for the sac fly — he gave it a pretty good ride. Ehh, frustrating loss.

  30. 283, How did Clark not wind up a second base, on the hit right before Giles sac?

  31. 284: It was actually Peavy on first I believe. I was wondering if he could have made it … fwiw, if he had, their avg. win expectancy would have gone up. That’s a real spot where you want to take the lead, I think, rather than just tie — not that they weren’t essentially trying to do that.

  32. Doh, I misread ya … yes, I definitely thought Clark should have had the double. But he is slow, and it was hard hit and played nicely by the left fielder.

  33. 286: Yeah that’s one that looks like a double off the bat, but is pretty obviously a single out of the batter’s box. Clark is not a fast man.