Peoria on My Mind

I’m scrambling to get ready for Peoria, so I need to direct you elsewhere today. I’m thinking about fun story lines for ’08 at Hardball Times and the Top 100 prospects from ’98 at Knuckle Curve. Also, reader LynchMob has taken some short videos from actual spring training games. Sweet!

Lessee, what else have I got? Okay, here’s a question for you: Who will be the biggest surprise among this year’s Padres? Positive, negative, whatever. Give me a name and a reason.

Or talk about whatever else is on your mind. Be excellent…

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  1. Re: 46 worst case scenario he’s Juan Pierre but only costs 400k a year…

  2. ?? Could Willits of been had for Freese?

  3. #50 Gerut as an answer as a regular in center field ? I am an optimist but I can’t go here. But then again, its happened like this before (ie-Eric Owens) but seems very far fetched. But heck, if you go with Gerut can I dream and turn to 28 year old Chip Ambres in center field ? …..nah

  4. By the way, Gerut is 30 years old…

  5. Gerut’s rookie line was .279/.336/.494, Owens was .200/.281/.229. I don’t see much of a comparison. Gerut’s issue was injuries not talent. If the injuries are behind him, which is a big IF, he may be a flat out steal.

  6. 53: Owens played CF. He wasn’t the answer in CF. If all we’re looking for is a sub-par hitter and fielder in center, we can call off the search. You can’t swing a dead fish in Arizona without hitting one of those.

  7. I’ve posted 18 more (short) videos this morning …

    … and I’ll post as many more as I have time for this morning. It was a blast checkin’ out all the goings-on at the practice fields … and then see some good pitching and even better hittings vs Rox during the main game … feeling better after yesterday’s debacle vs A’s :-)

  8. #42: LM, thanks a bunch for posting these videos!

    #45: I’ve got Inman ranked as our #8 prospect. Seems like he could be a solid mid-rotation guy in a few years.

  9. 59 … I saw Inman yesterday and he is a short/small guy … 6′? I don’t think so … but it’s hard to tell in this land of Giants where only CY and Tony Clark and Matt Latos really stick out very much (on the high side) … short didn’t stop Tom Gordon, Roy Oswalt, Tim Lincecum … but if you’re gonna be small, you better be *good*!