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Eight Sliders Sliding

Got my coffee. Got my Neko Case. Like when I drove from Asheville to Durham en route to Cooperstown for Tony Gwynn’s Hall of Fame induction. So many trees. I miss the road. * * * Jody Gerut rocks the ’69 uni Stupid game Tuesday night at PhoneCo. Top of the fourth, Kevin Kouzmanoff bangs [...]

Operation Center Field: Home, Home on the Range

When last we examined the center field situation, we formulated a series of questions to consider before moving forward. Now we’ll look at the first of these: What do the Padres need in a center fielder? Today we’ll cover the defensive side of the equation; tomorrow we’ll hit the offense. I think you see my [...]

Friday Links (19 Oct 07)

I’m making excellent progress on the book. Drafts of two chapters — Best by Position in Padres History, Kevin Towers Trade Register — are complete, and I’ve gotten started on two more — Player Dashboards and Commentary, Overlooked ex-Padres. I love my job. (And I’m trying hard not to become one of those annoyingly happy [...]