IGD: Padres vs Pirates (23 Sep 06)

first pitch: 7:05 p.m., PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: Jake Peavy (9-14, 4.25 ERA) vs Zach Duke (10-13, 4.49 ERA)
previews: Padres.com | SI.com | ESPN
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Joe Freakin’ Randa? You’ve got to be kidding me. Even when he’s not donning a Padres uniform he hurts us.

On the bright side, the Pads won the game in convincing fashion. Still, it would’ve been sweet to see Chris Young hurl the first no-hitter in team history. Just about everyone in our section was on their feet for the final two innings. Good times.

Tonight it’s Jake Peavy and Zach Duke in the Padres’ penultimate regular-season home game. Peavy needs three strikeouts to reach 200 for the second straight season. Duke, meantime, has been tough in the second half, sporting a 3.57 ERA over 85 2/3 innings since the All-Star break. His ERA in September is 1.50 over 30 innings.

In other games of note, the Phillies are up on the Marlins, 4-1 in the fourth as of this writing. The Diamondbacks and Dodgers hook up again in LA at 7:10 p.m. PT. Miguel “The Poet” Batista squares off against Brad “3-2-1 Blastoff” Penny in that one.

I’ll be out at Petco Park once again tonight, so you’re on your own for this one. Go Padres!

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  1. I’ve posted a piece at Knuckle Curve on how pitchers warm up. As much as anything it was an excuse to show off pix taken with my new camera. I’ve got more shots, which I’ll be uploading to Flickr in a bit. Will let everyone know when those are posted.

  2. Phillies just beat the Marlins. I’m reminded of Butch and Sundance looking over their shoulder saying, “Who are those guys?”

  3. By the way, GY, great pic with the new camera.

  4. Phillies = Scary. Seriously.

    Zero room for error, kids. Go get it done tonight Jake. Maybe someone switches his regular coffee for decaf today, or slips him a mini-mickey. If he’s calm and in control of his emotions and energy, the Pirates won’t have a chance, even if Duke throws a quality start. If he’s hyped up beyond belief, watch out.

  5. Wow GY im surprised there is only 1 picture of your man crush on there!

  6. LOL. Check back now; there are a few more. ;-)

  7. BTW, I just upgraded my Flickr account so I can post more photos. If anyone ever has stuff they want posted, let me know. Also, we can do cool stuff like tag photos by location so it’s possible to view only pictures taken at Petco Park, Tony Gwynn Stadium, The Diamond in Elsinore, etc.

  8. Okay, I’m off to dinner and then the game. Hope to take more pix tonight. Make some noise, and let’s beat the Bucs!

  9. Nice DP. Now get that 3rd out, Jake.

  10. Dbacks 3, Dodgers 0, top 2nd.

  11. Why are we not hitting this guy??

  12. 3-3 in the 2nd in LA

  13. C’mon big Mike!

  14. jeez..that’s disappointing… as long as Jake keeps putting up zeros..we should be able to get some runs for him..

  15. Did Piazza hit it hard?

  16. Sorry, I can’t type. 3-3 in LA – let’s go Dbacks.

  17. Yeah….pretty hard to right field….Giles smoked his to center…

  18. Re 19: Thanks. At least that’s promising.

    Now Jake has to get out of a jam again.

  19. Way to go Jake… now lets get some runs…

  20. Got a run – Cameron *almost* hit that one out. Couple of feet short.

  21. jeez…that was really close to going out…

  22. My brain is close to overloading with the padres game…dodgers game and trying to follow the Notre Dame/MSU game all at the same time..

  23. Jake is “dealing” right now… got the nasty stuff working…

  24. Jake hit that ball hard……..just right at the SS

  25. Dang. “Dealing” is right – these pitches are filthy.

  26. Barfield! and he knew it…it had that sound! Josh was working with Piazza during BP, talking hitting and Piazza was showing him something about his swing…guess it worked!

  27. BTW, I’ve managed to tap in from Petco again…I’m at the yard.

    They’re playing “A Pirates life for me” when they go talk on the mound…now we’re doing the Cheers bit…

  28. Cameron just outran the ball to second…amazing! The throw was offline, but still…pretty rare to see someone still a base on a pickoff attempt without the ball going down the line…

  29. exactly…he just beat it out..

    Also..I always enjoy the Cheers bit…

  30. Joe Randa is being boo’d big time!

  31. Got a good chance at seeing Trevor have a chance to tie the saves record…

  32. Poor choice there from Jake…even if he gets it to first….the runner is going to be safe…

  33. goosebumps hearing the bells start….

  34. two outs…. bells…..oh my… my goosebumps have goosebumps and I’m not even there…

  35. Well, Peavy pitches great, the guys make plays behind him, get a few big hits here and there, and Trevor finishes it off. What more could you ask for?

    That’s right – a Dodger loss. Let’s go Arizona!

  36. yep…awesome….just incredible…and hopefully the snakes can hold on and we can get a little breathing room in the division…

  37. Great game. Peavy, Trevor, dramatic homer.

    I had everyone in the office here watching those last three outs.

  38. Tremendous game…the only thing that would’ve been better is if it would’ve been on extra innings instead of having to watch on the computer…but either way…a beautiful win…now lets get out there tomorrow and get the sweep..

  39. What a great week of Padres baseball. These last two games are pure playoff type baseball. If St. Louis can keep losing and we can beat them there… home field advantage would be ours and wouldn’t that be awesome. GY, hope you had fun tonight. And again, thanks for everything you’ve done on this site during the season. And to everyone else who writes in, thanks to you. I’ve learned a lot about baseball from all of you. Let’s Go Padres.

  40. what office are you in that you’re in there this late Kevin?

    by the way great win and also it looks like we’ll get som ground on the Dodgers, finally. gotta go for the sweep tomorrow, finish off the bucs and lay down the law in the West. Then we’ll see how much momentum that Dodger comeback gave them

  41. 9-3 Snakes. Try back-to-back-to-back-to-back tonight, dogs.

  42. I work in the sports department of The Washington Times.