IGD: Padres vs Phillies (17 Jul 06)

first pitch: 7:05 p.m., PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: Woody Williams (4-1, 3.08 ERA) vs Cole Hamels (2-4, 5.44 ERA)
preview: Padres.com | SI.com | ESPN
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Padres are now 23-27 at home after being swept by the Braves over the weekend. Raise your hand if you think that’s going to get it done.

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  1. Bowen stole that base. Umpire blew the call.

  2. Just saw that Geoff already ran those numbers. *sigh* Adrian wasn’t slugging over .600 earlier today, though.

  3. Matt V. notes on TV that Adrian is the first player to have multiple multi-homer games at Petco.

  4. C. Utley flied out to deep left – Death!

  5. And then he goes and makes a sick play on defense. What a stud.

  6. B. Abreu grounded out to first – Taxes!

  7. So many times you see a first baseman blow a play like that with a bad throw but he put it right where it needed to be.

  8. Death, taxes …

  9. AGon is sure looking making that trade look goofy on his own. Throw in CY and an improving Sledge and there is no question who “won” it.

  10. Hey, Kevin — there you are! Call it for us…

  11. Ah, I see you already did! Great game. We needed that one!

  12. D. Dellucci grounded out to second – HOFFMAN!!!

  13. I didn’t even notice you were doing it. I just got home. First win of the second half.

  14. Kevin – it’s been a while, hasn’t it! Beautiful!

  15. Glad we got those damn Braves out of town, now things can get back to normal.

  16. Dogs & Gi’nts lose!

  17. Matt and Mud just had Adrian on the post-game, and he said that Merv has been trying to get him to stay back on the ball more and lay off the low pitches so he can elevate. Seems to be working. :-)

  18. Rats, I just check’d the schedule … the Brew-ha’s don’t come to Petco anymore this season … was just thinkin’ it’d be fun to be @ Petco when Tony Gwynn Jr comes to bat for the first time! Brrrr … that’d be chilling, me thinks!

  19. Josh Barfield, who had three hits, has hit safely in 18 of his last 20 games and has reached base safely via a hit or a walk in his last 18 games

  20. Barfield has played 13 games this month. He’s had two or more hits in nine of those, including five games with three or more.

  21. ALERT! Interviews with Kevin Towers and Grady Fuson have been posted at http://www.richburk.com … Rich Burk is the announcer for the Portland Beavers … GREAT STUFF!!!

  22. hey guys, i was at the game today, and my brother and my friend and i debated whether bochy should pinch hit for young in the 6th. we sat near the phil’s pen, and they had a lefty ready to go in case bochy did bring in roberts. it seemed to me at least that bringing in the doctor would be putting him in a situation in which it’d be tough for him to succeed, so bochy would rather take his chances with ey and save roberts for later in the game (which he did, and dave delivered a single and scored an insurance run). the non-move didn’t seem to pay off in the 6th, but to me it seems like it did in the 8th.

  23. The problem, Bryan, is that EY is a lousy hitter. DR, even against a lefty, is significantly better than EY against a righthander.