Movies, Playoffs, and Other Junk

Is thing still on? Oh, hey. Didn’t see ya there. How’s it going?

Busy over here. Been working and re-working (and possibly killing) the melody to a song I’m writing. Ended up dropping the whole thing an octave so I don’t sound like a really horrible version of Stephen Bishop.

Been watching a bunch of movies, both in the theater and on DVD. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Cradle 2 the Grave (aff link). The Jet Li fight sequences are brilliant (though I still much prefer his old Hong Kong stuff). Gabrielle Union is hot. Tom Arnold is, well, Tom Arnold. If you liked Romeo Must Die, you’ll probably like this one.
  • The Bourne Identity (aff link). Engaging story, solid performances from Matt Damon and Franke Petente (Run, Lola, Run). Great car chase.
  • School of Rock (aff link). Fluffy fun. Jack Black does his thing, but for me it’s Joan Cusack who makes this movie. Don’t go in expecting a whole lot and you should be okay.
  • Lost in Translation (aff link). Slower pace than what I normally watch. Terrific work from Bill Murray. Good direction. One of those films you’re still thinking about days later.

But enough of all that. I did say I’d talk about baseball next time, so here goes…

Playoff/World Series Thoughts

More bullet points here.

  • I still can’t believe the Giants didn’t beat the Fish. Barry Bonds needs a ring, so folks will shut up already.
  • The A’s need to find some coaches who can teach fundamentals. Sure, they can plow through the regular season by getting on base and knocking ‘em home. But it doesn’t always work that way in October. We keep seeing really talented Oakland clubs beating themselves in the playoffs. Don’t they get sick of that?
  • The Cubs’ Alex Gonzalez owes Steve Bartman big time for taking the focus off his own horrible miscue. Hello, people, Bartman paid to see the game; the ball was in the stands. Get over it. Gonzalez gets paid to make that play. And if you look at the replay, there’s no reason he has to try and backhand the ball. Of course, Gonzalez had help from a team that absolutely self-destructed after his play, but still…
  • I hate to say this, but I hope the Yankees win the series (what are they, tied now?). I don’t want to see Jeff Loria rewarded for his part in the destruction of the Montreal franchise. I also don’t want to see the Yankees’ smug faces when they win. Ergo, I’m not watching the games. This series holds even less interest for me than when the two New York teams played each other a few years back. So, go Yankees but I don’t want to hear about it when you win. How’s that?

Other Baseball Junk

Just can’t have enough bullet points.

Finally, I’m putting together a condensed and annotated version of the entire year’s worth of Ducksnorts. Entries will be broken out by category so that, e.g., you can see my thoughts on Jake Peavy in April right next to my thoughts on him in September. I’m planning to make it a PDF so that you can print it out and take it to the head or whatever. It’ll probably check in around 120-150 pages and I’m hoping to have it ready by mid-January or so.

Anyway, there are a lot of details still to be worked out; just wanted to give you the heads-up now. Catch ya soon…

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