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Reshaping the Padres: Let’s Make a Deal (or Three)

On Thursday, we examined what the Padres have and what they need. Now we turn to the question of which teams might make good trade partners and then consider some possible scenarios. As of this writing, about half the teams in baseball appear to be in contention. Some will fall of the pace, although it’s [...]

Everybody Loves Tadahito

Says here we’ve been “dot-com” for 6 years now. Cool. Anyway, I’m working on an interview with Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune (it’ll run on Monday), and one topic we discussed was potential surprises among Padres for 2008. The name that came up was new second baseman Tadahito Iguchi: Iguchi had some problems [...]

IGD: Padres vs White Sox (9 Mar 08)

[Blows into microphone.] Hello, is this thing on? Game starts at 1:05 p.m. PT. Channel 4SD.

Gary Gygax and Spring Training TV Schedule

Gary Gygax died on Tuesday. Along with Bill James and the folks who created Intellivision, Gygax was an unwitting participant in my misspent youth. He probably also helped me survive said youth, but that’s another story. Seriously, we had plenty of ways to waste time before this here Internet thing. My humblest thanks to Mr. [...]

World Series IGD: White Sox @ Astros, Game 4

first pitch: 5:00 p.m., PT television: Fox matchup: Freddy Garcia (14-8, 3.87 ERA) vs Brandon Backe (10-8, 4.76 ERA) We said Game 3 would be close, and it was. But in the end, it came down to the Astros’ inability to cash in on 11 12 walks and former Padre Geoff Blum homering in the [...]

World Series IGD: White Sox @ Astros, Game 3

first pitch: 5:30 p.m., PT television: Fox matchup: Jon Garland (18-10, 3.50 ERA) vs Roy Oswalt (20-12, 2.94 ERA) Vince Galloro has a detailed preview of Tuesday night’s contest up at Exile in Wrigleyville. For my part, I’ll just note that this is a very even pitching matchup. Opponents hit .255/.298/.399 against Garland in 2005, [...]