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Cactus League Photos

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. See full photo set at Flickr. How cool was Friday’s game? I’m talking about all the Ducksnorters, of course. I hung out with Lance all day, and met up with LynchMob, Bruce (and dad), and Aaron at various points. I’d say that was pretty cool. I even managed to catch a [...]

Peoria on My Mind

I’m scrambling to get ready for Peoria, so I need to direct you elsewhere today. I’m thinking about fun story lines for ’08 at Hardball Times and the Top 100 prospects from ’98 at Knuckle Curve. Also, reader LynchMob has taken some short videos from actual spring training games. Sweet! Lessee, what else have I [...]

Gary Gygax and Spring Training TV Schedule

Gary Gygax died on Tuesday. Along with Bill James and the folks who created Intellivision, Gygax was an unwitting participant in my misspent youth. He probably also helped me survive said youth, but that’s another story. Seriously, we had plenty of ways to waste time before this here Internet thing. My humblest thanks to Mr. [...]

Spring Training and Book Updates

Okay, we’ve had a chance to come up with a spring training plan of sorts. From the poll, I see that the general preference is that we do this earlier rather than later. February 29 – March 2 is in the lead right now, but I have to say, the idea of getting way too [...]

More Spring Training Thoughts

We’ve got the spring training meetup poll going over there on the right. With very few precincts reporting, so far it looks like folks want to get together in the desert sooner (Feb 29 – Mar 2, or Mar 7 – 9) rather than later (Mar 14 – 16, or Mar 21 – 23). Typically [...]

Spring Training Meetup?

For those interested, my latest article at Hardball Times focuses on some strange games in recent history. The Padres aren’t well represented, although Andy Hawkins’ no-hit loss as a member of the Yankees shows up here (and I suppose if you really want to push it, Josh Barfield’s dad played in that game). Jason Bay? [...]