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How cool was Friday’s game? I’m talking about all the Ducksnorters, of course. I hung out with Lance all day, and met up with LynchMob, Bruce (and dad), and Aaron at various points. I’d say that was pretty cool. I even managed to catch a foul ball off the bat of Luis Rodriguez. First time I’ve ever caught a foul ball at a game.

For whatever spring training performances might be worth, our Chris Young looked terrific. Scott Hairston hit the ball hard every time up, resulting in a homer and a double. He also got the start in center — didn’t do anything to distinguish himself either way, which I suppose is a good thing, especially in light of the inevitable Jim Edmonds injury that is expected to keep him out 2-3 weeks.

Second baseman Craig Stansberry is going to China next week. Judging from the way he played on Friday, the Padres just might decide to leave him there. First he got plunked on a throw from right field to third base. Somehow with a guy on second and less than two outs, he didn’t expect a throw to third base. I don’t know how that happens, but it apparently rattled him. The next inning, Stansberry sailed an easy throw to first, pulling Edgar Gonzalez off the bag. Then he dropped a pop fly. That last one was a tough play — he had to go back on the ball quite a ways, and there were no clouds in the sky. Fortunately he and the Padres were saved by the infield fly rule.

Poor kid. I felt terrible for him…

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  1. I’m starting to think Crabbe may get the nod in CF if Edmonds is slow to return.

  2. Anyone know where Will Startup is at? He hasn’t gotten and action yet this spring…

  3. Sorry, make that “any” action.

  4. #3: Startup pitched this morning on one of the practice fields. Dude has a crazy delivery — looks like he’s doing a karate kick. My back hurts just thinking about it. I got a couple photos of him, unfortunately not in full kick:

  5. Would anyone happen to know what Vince Sinisi’s situation is? Has he been getting at-bats this spring? I’m somewhat surprised that his name is not among those being mentioned for a spot in our outfield or on our bench.

    And what about John Hudgins?


  6. Startup is a stud, wish the Braves hadn’t parted with him…..

  7. #5: Sinisi fractured his right wrist today:

    Hudgins was roaming around one of the practice fields this morning, but I didn’t see him throwing.

  8. I saw a picture of PMac in right field in one of your pictures. How did Mac do out in the field?

  9. #8: He looked fine, though there wasn’t much hit his way. DaVanon got the start, and P-Mac played the final three or four innings. I think he’s the guy that plunked Stansberry.

  10. I don’t know if this has been posted yet but i found a nice little write up on LeBlanc.
    With Edmonds hurt I say it’s time to start the Antonio Cromartie for CF petition! If Crime Time had only chosen baseball….

  11. 4 – Thanks for the update on Startup!

    Bass with yet another scoreless inning today!

  12. Great photos! Congrats on the foul ball. I caught one at a Riverside Red Wave game some years ago. My prized baseball collectable. I was standing within ten feet of a very bored looking Nate Colbert, who was the hitting coach. Rafael Valdez was the pitcher, and he picked that day to throw a nine inning perfect game. After he was done, he walked along the third base fence signing autographs, including my baseball. Wonder if Barry signed autographs after 756. Or any other time, for that matter.

    Bad deal about Sinisi. This year was likely his best shot at the show. I would hope that there is far less uncertainty about our outfield in 2009.

  13. re: Sinisi … I’ve been a big fan/proponent of his (ie. hoping he’d parley his good play this winter into being the #4 or #5 OFer) … I saw him get several ABs in games this week … and he just didn’t have “it” … no way he’s a better option than McAnulty or Gerut, for example … way too bad about the wrist … my guess is he’ll never play pro ball again, or perhaps he’ll continue to be Tagg Bozied redux …

  14. Who is that in the second picture? Why does it look like Branyan?? I’d like to see Shrek, aka Hairston get a shot in CF and Headley in LF. Keep Gerut and Crabby as backups. I know Gerut played regular CF for the Injuns a few years ago but I think hes knees would explode if he tried to cover Petco.

  15. That sucks about Sinisi. I thought he might have a chance of a callup at some point this year.

  16. If the Pads can get Marlon Byrd w/o giving up much, then I hope they pull the trigger. Hairston in center field scares me a whole lot – the Pads must get a proto type center fielder –I wouldn’t count on Edmonds – anything more than 80 games at average production is a huge bonus.

  17. From …

    Right-hander Tim Stauffer has been scratched from the China trip for exhibition games against the Dodgers next week because of soreness in his shoulder.

    … which, to me, explains why he looked so crummy in his last outing.

  18. 17: Has there been talk of the Padres trying to acquire Byrd or are you just throwing that out there?

  19. “If the Padres decide they need to trade for a center fielder, the group of candidates likely will include Mariners reserve Jeremy Reed, who can be optioned to Triple-A, and Rangers left fielder Marlon Byrd, a former Phillies center fielder”.

    -from SD Union today, Padres Notes