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Putting ‘Em On, Letting ‘Em In

One area where Padres pitchers have struggled so far in 2008 is with runners in scoring position. Opponents are hitting .270/.371/.434 against them in those situations. Only four teams — the Marlins (823), Tigers (837), Rockies (859), and Rangers (916) — have allowed a higher OPS. Unfortunately, Padres pitchers also rank seventh in MLB in [...]

IGD: Padres vs Rangers (10 Mar 08)

First night telecast of the year. Game starts at 7:05 p.m. PT. Channel 4SD, of course.

Gary Gygax and Spring Training TV Schedule

Gary Gygax died on Tuesday. Along with Bill James and the folks who created Intellivision, Gygax was an unwitting participant in my misspent youth. He probably also helped me survive said youth, but that’s another story. Seriously, we had plenty of ways to waste time before this here Internet thing. My humblest thanks to Mr. [...]

Padres Lose Bradley to Rangers

Milton Bradley is gone. On Thursday, the Padres were optimistic that they’d retain his services, but now it appears that the Texas Rangers have swooped in and grabbed him. Because the Padres didn’t offer Bradley arbitration, they won’t receive a compensatory draft pick. (We didn’t re-sign Bradley, and all we got was this lousy T-shirt.) [...]

Friday Links (12 Oct 07)

I saw Brian Giles last night. There should be more to this story, but there isn’t. All I can say is that presumably he likes pizza. To the links: MB at Friar Forecast is ready for some hot-stove action (that sounded better in my head): hitters | pitchers. The back end of the rotation needs [...]