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Open Thread: Spring Forward

After yesterday’s ridiculously long article, we’ll keep it simple today. With spring training upon us, I have three questions for you: Are you planning to attend spring training this year? Have you ever been in the past? If so, do you have any stories to share?

Ditching the Kid Gloves

Corey Brock brings word that right-hander Mat Latos’ workload won’t be as closely monitored in 2011 as it was last year. Latos is understandably excited about this, saying “It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders.” I am a little less excited, but this is a knee-jerk reaction.

Friday Links (12 Nov 10)

One of the great things about doing crossword puzzles is that you get to use words that you would never, in any other circumstance, get to use. “Oleo” is my favorite. It shows up at least twice a week and usually is accompanied by a clue that reads, “Fridge item that you don’t call by [...]

Tuesday Links (2 Nov 10)

We had another cool riff going but didn’t record it, which is probably just as well since the lyrics consisted, essentially, of an obscene joke involving Oprah Winfrey and leather sofas. It was very offensive but very funny and I was laughing so hard I could barely play the notes…

Revisiting IVIE 2010

Back in March, we released the Ducksnorts community projections (hitters, pitchers), lovingly dubbed IVIE in honor of former Padres first-round pick Mike Ivie. Like most projections, they were fun and probably less useful than some folks might prefer to believe. In the interest of accountability (and fun), I thought we’d look back at our guesses [...]

Friday Links (2 Apr 10)

Now with a 110% snappier introduction, it’s links… Why The San Diego Padres Should Trade Heath Bell (Friar Forecast). Daniel advocates trading Bell for… well, I don’t know. It’s hard for me to make sense of this type of analysis in a vacuum. I need more context. Who are Bell’s potential suitors? What types of [...]

Friday Links (26 Mar 10)

Links, links, links, links, links, links, baked beans, links, links, links, and links… Talking with Bill James: Part 1 (Cincinnati Sports News) C. Trent Rosecrans chats with James about the relative merits of Barry Larkin and Tony Gwynn, among many other things. James responds to the question of whether we understand baseball any more now [...]

IVIE 2010: Pitchers

We covered Padres hitters yesterday. As promised, here are the 2010 IVIE projections for pitchers: Starters N IP ERA Jon Garland 22 206.1 4.00 Kevin Correia 22 191.1 4.15 Clayton Richard 21 165.1 4.31 Chris Young 23 149.2 3.91 Mat Latos 22 134.1 3.78 Wade LeBlanc 20 88.2 4.51 Tim Stauffer 19 88.1 4.44 Cesar [...]

IVIE 2010: Hitters

The people have spoken. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the 2010 IVIE projections for hitters: Catchers and Infielders N PA BA OBP SLG Adrian Gonzalez 25 614 .289 .401 .545 Chase Headley 25 601 .277 .355 .444 Everth Cabrera 24 591 .271 .353 .376 David Eckstein 21 430 .259 .328 .341 Nick Hundley 24 382 [...]

IVIE 2010: Last Call for Projections

It’s time to start wrapping up our community projections. We’ve got about 20-25 guesses for most players so far. If you’ve contributed already, thanks. If you haven’t, head on over and do that thing: Relief Pitchers Starting Pitchers Outfielders Catchers and Infielders I’ll leave these open till Friday, tally everything up over the weekend, and [...]