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IVIE 2010: Second Call for Projections

Speaking of projections, we’re in the process of assembling the Ducksnorts community IVIE projections. If you’ve entered your guesses already, thanks; if not, go for it: Relief Pitchers Starting Pitchers Outfielders Catchers and Infielders I’ve listed relievers first because they’re not getting much love (except from Fangraphs). Fix that for me, would you?

THT Forecasts

THT Forecasts have arrived. The marketing points: Oliver projections for the next six years for over 7,000 major and minor league players. These projections include hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics (the latter based on Brian Cartwright’s own play-by-play system), wins above replacement (WAR) projections, and coming soon, base running as well. You can read more [...]

IVIE 2010: Call for Projections

It’s time once again to assemble our Ducksnorts community IVIE projections. For the curious, IVIE stands for Insipid Value Indication Estimator and, in the grand tradition of assigning cutesy acronyms to projection systems, is named in honor of former Padres first-round pick Mike Ivie. In the past, we’ve solicited guesses in the comments, but this [...]

Reviewing the 2009 IVIEs

In the interest of accountability and because there’s not much else to do in January, I thought we’d look back at our community projections made in March 2009. First, the hitters:   Projected Actual   Player PA BA OBP SLG PA BA OBP SLG Comments Matt Antonelli 224 .237 .322 .343 0 – - – [...]

Preseason Projections for 2007 Revisited

Thank you for your excellent suggestions on the book, and keep ‘em coming. Meanwhile, as part of this project, I’m taking inventory of an entire season’s worth of entries, which means that I’m still in “looking back” mode for now. In that vein, I thought it might be fun to re-examine preseason projections for key [...]

Tango’s Community Forecasts

TangoTiger is soliciting projections from readers (hat tip to Pat in the comments): Go to the page of your favorite team, and put in the OPS (OBP+SLG) and ERA you expect from as many players as you feel comfortable. As well, if you can, note the number of games for the non-pitchers and the role [...]