Kouz and Kent

While playing with the PI tool at Baseball-Reference over the weekend I stumbled onto something kind of interesting. Have you ever noticed how similar the first three seasons of Kevin Kouzmanoff’s career (through Sunday, at least) are to those of Jeff Kent?

Jeff Kent and Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ages 24 – 26
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference and are through games of August 10, 2008.
Kent ’92-’94 1339 .270 .325 .451 .323 .060 .181 .372 107
Kouz ’06-’08 1076 .274 .322 .454 .264 .049 .180 .358 108

For grins, here are their lines per 162 games played:

Jeff Kent and Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ages 24 – 26, per 162 Games
Player Years AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO
Statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference and are through games of August 10, 2008.
Kent ’92-’94 564 79 152 32 3 21 92 37 115

Kouz ’06-’08 588 67 161 32 3 23 86 32 120

Even the shapes are remarkably alike. Of course, Kent was a second baseman (although he did play some third base back then) and he hadn’t yet turned into a great player.

Speaking of Kent, you may remember that in a recent Hardball Times article I drew some comparisons between him and Khalil Greene. This raises a larger question: Are we learning anything about Kouzmanoff and Greene in looking at these similarities? Or are we learning more about Kent and his freakish development?

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  1. I think its time for Kouz to grow a vintage 1984 stash to complete the comparison!

  2. GY, I do hope your implying that both Kouz and Khalil will become studs as their careers progress. Although I could see that happening with Kouz, Khalil would really have to work on his OBP before I got too hopeful.

  3. #2@Phantom: The vintage stache will complete their studliness though, no?

  4. MadFriars’ commenters are reporting these moves …

    – Kazmar from AA to Padres (Corey to DL?)

    – Sawyer Carroll was promoted from Eugene to Fort Wayne.

    – Luis Durango was promoted from Fort Wayne to Lake Elsinore.

  5. Things like this are the ones that will make me very sad the day they trade Kouz this December.

    That kid could easily be hitting 40 bombs in the big leagues and hit 275+ to go with it…I HATE thinking that he probably will be doing it for another team.

  6. #4@LynchMob: Kazmar promoted to the Padres? I’ve heard he’s a good defender and although he struggled offensively earlier in the season, he’s hitting .314 since June 1st with 14 doubles. That’s excellent for that league and that park he plays in.

  7. #5@Coronado Mike: Eh? Easily hitting 40 HR’s? Very few hitters, very few, hit that many “easily.” I haven’t seen anythign from Kouz which leads me to believe he can. What are you seeing? He hasn’t hit 40 yet for his career and he’s had nearly 2 full seasons. This wouldn’t be so bad if he’d come up as a 22 year old, but he came up as a 24 year old. I just don’t see anything to indicate he’ll develop significantly more power short of moving to Coors or another similar launching pad. And .275 with his inablity to draw a BB isn’t very impressive.

    Now Adrian you could say that about. He hit 24, at 24, in Petco. Put him in a neutral park or better and he’d likely hit 40 at least a couple of times in his career.