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Jason Kendall: Another Story That Won’t Die

About halfway down the page of a recent Baseball Prospectus chat with Chris Kahrl there is an item that caught my attention. Okay, it caught Charlie Wilmoth’s attention and Charlie’s comment caught mine. The question has to do with Sean Burroughs and whether he might be a candidate for a deal to the Pirates for, [...]

Sickels 1996 and Win Shares, Part 3

Preseason All-America Team A few names of note for San Diegans in this year’s crop: Anthony Gwynn, OF, SDSU (1st team) Kyle Sleeth, RHP, Wake Forest (1st team); projected by some to be the Pads’ first round pick in 2003 Michael Johnson, 1B, Clemson (2nd team); Padre second round pick in 2002 Jeremy Slayden, OF, [...]

Looking Back at Preseason Projections

Okay, ducksnorts.com is back in effect, so you can forget about all those other nasty URLs I gave you. Once again, your patience is appreciated. Game 1 of the World Series tonight. Woo-hoo! And I’ll be at band practice, trying to figure out how to play Rick James’ “Superfreak” without keyboards. Sigh. But I’ll tape [...]