Looking Back at Preseason Projections

Okay, ducksnorts.com is back in effect, so you can forget about all those other nasty URLs I gave you. Once again, your patience is appreciated.

Game 1 of the World Series tonight. Woo-hoo! And I’ll be at band practice, trying to figure out how to play Rick James’ “Superfreak” without keyboards. Sigh.

But I’ll tape the game; only bad thing about that is I can’t listen to ESPN radio while watching the game. You know I’m not going to listen to the Fox announcers.

While we’re waiting, I thought I’d take a look back at some preseason projections for Padre players (alliteration not intended). Hey, Dennis Tankersley hit .308/.308/.615 in 13 at-bats. Who knew?

Long story somewhat shorter, I did the best on three of the projections, Shandler took two, STATS and Prospectus got one apiece, and we all stunk on the other six. Everyone overshot big time on Sean Burroughs (rookie struggles), Wiki Gonzalez (injuries), D’Angelo Jimenez (?), Ray Lankford (injuries, age), Phil Nevin (injuries), and Bubba Trammell (?).

Bottom line is, predicting the future is a fascinating yet ultimately fruitless concept. As Gary Huckabay at Baseball Prospectus points out, all we can do is take educated guesses and then hope for the best.

Speaking of Prospectus, Jonah Keri has a terrific interview with Dr. Mike Marshall over there. I recommend it.

Well, I’m about to walk over to Convoy for some Vietnamese food. I’ll be back tomorrow with thoughts on Game 1. Enjoy…

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