Tuesday Links (7 Dec 10)

You cannot stop links, you can only hope to contain them.


  • Adrian Gonzalez trade links (Friar Forecast). Myron provides a “one-stop shop” of links to commentary on the trade.
  • Hoyer: Gonzalez deal ‘absolutely necessary’ (Padres.com). Quoth GM Jed Hoyer: “We have to make this kind of move and get the prospects. … If we don’t, we could look back later on and feel like we really sold our future short.” Manager Bud Black offers his thoughts: “You know, trades happen in this game. Players move. New faces come in. We feel as though we are going to have some talent again in our group.”
  • Why the Adrian Gonzalez trade doesn’t really matter. (Gaslamp Ball). Dex delivers the goods. His “smart fan” rant doesn’t make much sense, but this is money: “Everybody else should just get over themselves. The Padres didn’t do anything that you wouldn’t care about if you weren’t so self-absorbed, thinking everybody’s always out to get you.” Or as the late Richard Feynman (winner of Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965, before the Padres even joined the National League) once said, “What do you care what other people think?”
  • I like my trades like I like my women (Watson Files). As Dan so aptly puts it, “I thought Jed Hoyer had a pretty good weekend. Because, especially when you’re operating on a $40-million payroll, you have to make consistently good deals. And since he took over, I can’t think of any ‘Uh, what?’ moves.”


  • Deckers form Padres’ dynamic duo (MiLB.com). Oddly, the article fails to mention that Cody and Jaff Decker are not related. Still, it provides a nice overview of the system.
  • It Is Time For Jed to Blow Up the Padres (Friarhood). From the article: “The last thing I want to see is a 2011 Padres team scratch and claw all year, trying to repeat 2010… not developing their younger players, renting veterans that may or may not be the best fit, falling short and then watching Bell and Gonzalez walk away for compensation picks.” Well, he’s off to a rousing start.
  • Million Dollar Cutters (Baseball Analytics). Reader Didi notes that Mike Adams can close for the Padres after Heath Bell is traded.
  • Padres hire Byrnes as senior VP of operations (Padres.com). Former Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes worked for Padres owner Jeff Moorad in Arizona and with Hoyer in Boston. Byrnes comes with the reputation of being a smart guy, which is great because you can never have enough of those.
  • Padres moving on, planning for 2011 (Padres.com). The Cardinals’ Brendan Ryan is mentioned as a shortstop possibility, while free agents Lyle Overbay, Russell Branyan, and Adam LaRoche are possiblities at first base until one of the kids is ready. No surprises.
  • Minor League Free Agents Leaderboards (Baseball-Reference). Study these lists. Tim Torres might make for an intriguing middle infield option, while Chuck James wasn’t a bad pitcher once upon a time. I’m sure you can find others.
  • Strong & Deep Bullpens (Baseball-Reference). Hey, I can see the ’96 Padres from here! And how ’bout the ’98 squad’s postseason pitching?
  • Jim Leyritz Sentenced To Probation & $500 Fine In DUI Case (CBS New York). According to this article about one of the Padres’ 1998 postseason heroes, “The 47-year-old former ballplayer was acquitted last month of DUI manslaughter following a 2007 traffic crash that killed 30-year-old Fredia Ann Veitch.” [h/t BBTF]
  • More than three decades of exciting games (Hardball Times). Fun stuff from Max Marchi. The Padres have participated in two of the most exciting games since 1974. Rollie Fingers worked 5 2/3 innings in one of them… don’t see closers do that too often anymore.

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