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Wait, do you smell something? No, not that; I think it’s links…

  • Club and closer still need each other, but can they mend the fences? (U-T). It seems that Trevor Hoffman and his agents may have overplayed their position. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Hoffy back with the Padres in 2009. (Melvin Nieves at Sacrifice Bunt takes a closer look — pun somewhat intended — at the situation.)
  • Radio hosts Bill Werndl, Joe Tutino are ‘let go’ by XX Sports 1090-AM (U-T). For those who still listen to talk radio, Philly Billy is gone. I never understood the appeal, but it sucks to see a guy lose his job.
  • Top 50 Prospects for 2009. unveils its top 50 prospects for 2009. The Padres’ Kyle Blanks checks in at #47. Nice to know folks are finally getting wise to the big kid from New Mexico.
  • Morning Extras: Media Bailouts and Where Do You Get Your News? ( I’ve been thinking a lot about the sports media lately because one of the chapters in the Ducksnorts 2009 Baseball Annual focuses on them. From the article:

    Hits make advertisers happy because hits and views and uniques means that people are showing up. Advertisers like it when people show up.

    The author is talking about the Internet, but the concept is the same in radio and television. And it’s not just the sports media, of course. Where does news end and advertising begin? Good question, always worth asking… usually more than once.

  • Reds acquire catcher Hernandez from Orioles for outfielder Freel (Sportsline). This happened a while ago, but I’ve been wondering — pretty much since they signed him — when the Orioles would get sick of paying Ramon Hernandez to be a shadow of his former self. Congrats to Peter Angelos and company for finding a way out of that horrible contract.

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  1. Ramon Hernandez? You mean the same guy all the radio-callers said to whom the Padres should have offered that 3-year/$30m contract?

    Hmmm… That turned out interesting. Maybe more people should take 1090 off their speed-dial list.