Writing the Book (10 Nov 08)

On Saturday I finished the first draft of the chapter on the 1969 Padres and sent it out for review. It’s 30 pages long (that’s 10,073 if you’re curious… or not). I’d planned to work on the Farm Report chapter on Sunday, but a few other projects needed my attention, so I bailed.

We’re also making good progress on the cover. The basic concept is in place, so now it’s a matter of nailing down the details. And finding a name to stick in the “Foreword by” space. ;-)

My top priority over the next three weeks is the Farm Report chapter. We’ll see how motivated I am once I get to Hawai’i. Then again, I usually just sit around and do crosswords when I’m over there, so why not write a book instead?

Research Notes

Pickin’s are slim for this installment…

  • On September 14, 1969, the Padres dropped a game at Dodger Stadium, 3-1. All three runs were driven in by new Padres hitting coach Jim Lefebvre.
  • The Padres essentially denied San Francisco the NL West title in the season’s final two weeks. Over that stretch, they went 4-2 against the Giants and 0-6 against the Atlanta Braves, who ended up winning the division by three games over — you guessed it — the Giants.

There you have it. I’ll be working some overtime this week so blogging has to take a backseat. I hope you like reruns…

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  1. Totally off topic, or not, but in case no one has seen, the Padres have yanked Trevor’s contract offer according to Buster Olney on espn.com. Trevor certainly has declined, but you don’t kick him to the curb this way. I suspect it’s no coincidence that this was announced after the season ticket deadline passed…

  2. Pads pull offer to Hoffy:


    Not sure if I am more angry or disappointed at the overall direction of the Pads right now. Buster Olney compared us to 1993. I hope the next couple of seasons won’t be as painful as they were back then!

  3. Notice how they waited until after everyone had committed to their season ticket renewal, due yesterday, before letting the news about Hoffman leak. I find that sleazy.

  4. Whoa. How did things get to be so bad with Hoffman?
    I don’t understand the situation. Was the $4 million offer in good faith or was it just a PR ploy? It wasn’t supposed to leak into the press? Come on, KT, we know that isn’t true with all the talk about the club thinking of bringing back Trevor Hoffman.

    Honestly, I think, there probably was a better way to part ways than this. Couldn’t KT and Trevor talk face to face? Not FO and Hoffman’s agent. I don’t get this shoddy procedure at all. Both sides went crying to the press and the real persons never met face to face but only talked on the phone.

  5. Is that scent the burning embers of yet another fire sale? Sandy Alderson and Kevin Towers are out of their mind if they think that this team can compete without a Jake Peavy.

    It is also disappointing to see the garbage treatment of Hoffman & Greene. This franchise is bush league, and as an ex-season ticket holder, I’m glad I did not re-purchase season tickets.

  6. #4@Didi: DePo addresses the Hoffman situation at his blog.

    #5@teag c: Unfortunately they couldn’t compete with Peavy in 2008. It’s about to get real interesting around here.

  7. 6: thanks, Geoff. I still hate the spin. The facts may be as it was but the way to handle the situation really could have been better. It just sounds weird to read about a meeting that was requested and then granted but never happened being the reason for pulling off the offer.
    Perhaps, the situation with Moores’ divorce after the offer was made.

    In any case, it is what it is now. I hope Hoffman will go on to pitch somewhere and have some semblance of success and when he retired not to feel unwelcome back in San Diego.