Final Book Update

I’ve just uploaded the Ducksnorts 2009 Baseball Annual to the publisher. I should receive my proof copy by next weekend. Assuming all goes well, we’re looking at a Tuesday, March 3 release. Juicy details will be revealed at that time.

I was hoping to have a free download of excerpts ready for you today, but it took two 15-hour days this weekend just to get the book out the door, and I’m beat. Maybe later in the week…

Is it nap time yet?

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  1. Padres on TV!!! From FJ blog …

    The MLB Network will air 61 games this spring (45 of them live). The Padres will appear five times, starting Friday against the Cleveland Indians at Goodyear, Ariz. That telecast will be delayed to 2 p.m. PST.

    Here are the Padres appearances on MLB Network:

    Friday: Padres at Cleveland Indians, 2 p.m. (delayed)
    March 7: Oakland Athletics at Padres, noon (live)
    March 20: Padres at Chicago Cubs, 2 p.m. (delayed)
    March 30: Padres at Cleveland Indians, 4 p.m. (live)
    March 31: Milwaukee Brewers at Padres, 7 p.m. (live)

    Channel 4 San Diego also has four telecasts scheduled:

    March 7: Oakland Athletics at Padres, noon
    March 11: World Baseball Classic team to be determined at Padres, 7 p.m.
    March 14: Cleveland Indians at Padres, 1 p.m.
    March 31: Milwaukee Brewers at Padres, 7 p.m.

  2. Baseball America released their Top 100 Prospect List:

    Only one Padre on the list, Kyle Blanks was 50th (7th 1B overall). Mat Latos and Jaff Decker probably just missed the list (in the position rankings they were ranked behind someone who was in the Top 100). Only three other teams had only one prospect in the Top 100 — Astros, Nationals and Tigers. For good news, not only did Latos and Decker just miss but they also have nice things to say about Kulbacki, Hunter, and Darnell and they haven’t given up on Antonelli yet.

  3. Over at Hardball Times, they’ve re-posted last year’s interview with you. But I suppose you already know that.

  4. Perhaps I’ll be the first to whine about not having an IGD up? :-) :-) :-)

    Live box score at

    Which shows Kouz with a HR … Headley with an OF assist … and Rodriquez with a fielding error …

    Here we go, boyz!

  5. An interesting look at the Padre pitching staff, from Corey Brock …

    Here’s a list of the pitchers the Padres will be using in their first three games this spring. Keep in mind that unless there’s a, say, six-pitch inning, these guys will throw just one inning.

    Wednesday vs. Seattle: Jake Peavy, Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, Chris Britton, Wilton Lopez, Mark Worrell, Scott Patterson, Mike Ekstrom and Oneli Perez.

    Thursday vs. Seattle: Chris Young, Cesar Ramos, Justin Hampson, Joe Thatcher, Cesar Carrillo, Edwin Moreno, Nick Schmidt, Arturo Lopez and Ernesto Frieri.

    Friday at Cleveland: Che Seung Baek, Jae Kuk Ryu, Chad Reineke, Matt Buschmann, Mat Latos, Will Inman, Ivan Nova, Greg Burke, Gabe DeHoyos.

    … good to see Carrillo and Schmidt getting out on the major league mound right from the get-go!

  6. Clay Hensley got lit up yesterday against the mets.

    I know that spring training isn’t really all that representative, but he just doesn’t even look like the same person.