No, Really, My Shortstop Is Broken

First off, I feel like a shoe for Thursday’s post title. I wasn’t aware of Khalil Greene’s injury when I wrote it.

According to Tom Krasovic at the U-T, Greene broke his left hand while punching a storage chest during Wednesday night’s loss to the Diamondbacks. Corey Brock at the Padres web site indicates that Greene will be out at least six to eight weeks, and may miss the remainder of the 2008 season.

I smashed my hand against a chair a few years ago in a fit of rage. It wasn’t one of my finer moments, and every so often a little soreness in that hand reminds me of my stupidity.

As for Greene, I can’t imagine that anyone feels worse right now about this than he does. Sure, we’ve had to watch the guy struggle along with the rest of the Padres this year, but he’s actually trying to do a job. Comparing our frustration as fans with his as a player strikes me as a bit silly.

On the bright side, maybe all the idiots who have complained about Greene’s lack of outward emotional display over the years are finally happy that he put on a show for them. And thus we come to the moral of our story: Never concern yourself with the happiness of idiots.

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  1. #46@JP: Loretta should be in there somewhere. He did a great job for us.

  2. #47@LynchMob: I loved that the clip lasts until they start up the “Cub Busters” :-)

  3. #52@LynchMob: That was awesome. Sheer awesomeness all around.

    How ’bout a svelte Tony the Gwynn occupying first? And a big hug from the one, the only, Luis Salazar????

  4. Anybody got a clip of Nettles to Wiggins for the last out of the NLCS? I used to have audio of it, and I’d play it every once in a while when I needed a lift.

  5. #46@JP: Are we not counting re-signing free agents?

  6. Hi folks!
    Have you missed me?
    I hope everyone is well!
    I really enjoyed some of the posts on here today referring to the 84 Padres. I always thought that since this season has gone so bad, a sort of memory lane type of day might be apropo. Usually that type of nostalgia is best reserved for the hot
    stove, but it might be medicinal this season.
    Anyhoo, here are the Padres month by month numbers:
    April: 11-17 92RS, 130RA
    May: 12-17 88RS, 130RA
    June:10-17 110RS, 131RA
    July: 9-16 97RS, 136RA

    My girlfriend has a biopsy Monday. We are all praying!
    As for the Padres, at least they have been consistent.
    Four Strong Winds my friends!