IGD: Padres vs Mets (5 Jun 08)

Padres (24-37) vs Mets (30-28)
Josh Banks vs Mike Pelfrey
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7

Two teams that totally blew a playoff berth in 2007 square off in the first of four at Petco Park. The most successful member of the Padres patchwork rotation starts the opener.

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  1. Is it a full moon ?

  2. Nice “hit” of the game.

  3. Well thats one way to drive in a run.

  4. P-Mac provides the consummate example of “taking one for the team.”

  5. #97@Ben B.: O.k, their timely hitting is mediocre.

  6. Good thing Schoeneweis was terrible tonight as I wasn’t feeling too confident about that matchup. Way to “manufacture” a run there without the benefit of a hit.

  7. Victory!

    Sure, they should have won 6-0 or so, but it still counts the same in the standings.

  8. Three walks and HBP to win the game. Has there been a worse inning by a pitcher?

  9. 12 hits and only 2 runs is embarassing.

  10. Wow. A walk-off HBP. I’ll take it. 8 games out of 1st place. But this offense needs a spark. Let’s trade our entire farm system to Texas for my favorite player Milton Bradley.

  11. #93@Schlom: Not too many negative posts from me lately about Gerut. Thankfully Gerut has saved the organization a lot of embarrassment by covering up the gaping wound in centerfield with a needed bandage by playing some sound baseball.

  12. “I think they’re making a mistake by walking Kouz.”

    Sometimes it’s good to be right.

  13. #110@JMAR: Jenga’s been unconscious lately. Keep one thing in mind by these Arlington power numbers from a guy like Jenga – the last 4 days in Dallas the wind has been been blowing straight out at about 30 mph in a ballpark that is a hitters park as it is….

    Was Jenga smart or what to play have of his games in Arlington..

  14. #111@JP: If Gerut’s play in center continues to hold down the fort for the rest of the year then the Padres management may build him a statue across from Gwynn’s.

  15. #109@Turbine Dude: Almost as embarrassing as losing to that team. ;-)

  16. Cubs just beat the Dogs 5-4.

    Dogs left bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th. (Sound familiar?)

  17. #114@JP: The average starting CF averages about a 763 OPS this year in the NL (not including park effects). So if Gerut can put up a 725 OPS or so he’ll be at least average. That’s not out of the realm of possibility.

  18. #87@Kevin: #89@Jeff: #93@Schlom:
    All I’m saying is even PMAC can hit (or be hit) great for week. Any major leaguer can. What needs to be addressed is there are many players on this team that would be on AA teams normally. OK maybe triple A. Alright, we know this and it’s already been said. Just my observation as we left guys in scoring position like 97 times tonight. Arghhhhhhh…….enough negativity tonight.

    BUT……WE WON.

  19. The thing with Bradley is he’s doing his damage from the DH spot, and from a couple accounts I’ve read his defense the few times he’s been pressed into action has been bad. It would be nice to have his 186 OPS+ in left instead of Padre left fielders’ 101 OPS+.

  20. #119@Oside Jon: I didn’t mean to say Gerut was great. But you questioned Matty’s comment a little. So I put up his stats from the past week, which is what Matty was talking about.

  21. #115@Geoff Young: BTW, I was cheering on our Padres during the whole Cubs homestand. But, now I’m back to being a Cubs fan as long as they are not playing the Padres and are playing the Dodgers. No offense, GY.

  22. Gotta get up early. See you all tommorow.

    Frustrating win tonight.

  23. #119@Oside Jon: McAnulty has been an above league average hitter before you take into account park and after you take into account position this year. He’s a bad example of “crappy player that can have a good week”

  24. #122@Turbine Dude: None taken. We need Arizona and LA to keep losing if we’re going to scrap our way back into this thing.

  25. #123@Turbine Dude: What’s frustrating about winning a game your 10th starter started?

  26. #126@Richard Wade: I’ll answer for him: Superb ability to get on base negated by superb ability to strand runners, could have easily lost a fantastic start from said 10th starter, lost our starting 2B for what could be quite a while.

  27. Yeay, A win is a WIN.

  28. #124@Richard Wade: You know, Blum was an all-star caliber hitter on Sunday games started by pitchers with a W in their name, the temp between 76 and 78, on artificial turf, and the sea at high tide.

    Just Say’n.

  29. #75@Kevin: For Kouzmanoffs stats to be All Star caliber, you would have to remove more than just Aprils numbers.
    June: 244/310/400, July:275/314/475
    I hope that doesnt make me a “crazy reactionary fan” who is “ignoring facts”.

  30. #125@Geoff Young:
    Yep. They need to keep losing and we need to turn it around a little more.

    Chris Young quote from today’s UT, “I don’t think it would be the first time that a team had a bad April and May and still made the playoffs,” he said. “I don’t think there is any reason for us to lower our expectations.”

    With Peavy and Young coming back someday and if hitters start hitting we could be back in this. I never thought that was a possibility but LA and AZ have cooled. Banks has been an awesome surprise.

  31. #130@parlo: In May of this season, he hit .289/.331/.491.

    May 2007: .303/.375/.576
    June 2007: .247/.295/.411
    July 2007: .275/.314/.475
    August 2007: .292/.333/.472
    September 2007: .380/.441/.590

    The point is that April of this year and last are the only ones that have been horrid. The other ones add up to All-Star numbers.

    I, too, hope this doesn’t make you a crazy, reactionary fan.

  32. #132@Kevin: Have you ever heard of these NL third basemen ? Chipper Jones (Braves), David Wright (Mets), Aramis Ramirez (Cubs). Take a look at their numbers. You can include April if you wish.