IGD: Padres vs Cubs (2 Jun 08)

Padres (23-35) vs Cubs (36-21)
Cha Seung Baek vs Carlos Zambrano
7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 186

Cha Seung Baek is Korean for Justin Germano

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  1. That’s the 2nd time we’ve seen that play by the Gooch.

  2. We need to get a few off of Lieber here.

  3. At this point in time Khalil is an automatic out. Cool. We get a taste of what it was like to watch Enzo Hernandez.

  4. Don’t worry. I won’t jump off the PMAC bandwagon. After all, he is one of our best hitters.

  5. Pads are 2-17 when their opponent scores 6 or more runs. Yet I will watch tonight to the bitter end.

    Only if I promise not to complain by junking up the blog ? Well, o.k.

  6. I really don’t think the Padres have played bad ball tonight. They were just outmatched by Zambrano.

  7. Tramel just got an earfull from Pinnela. He must have used the F word four or five times.

  8. #57@Turbine Dude: Piniella should be ticked. Wuertz just walked Hairston and Greene.

  9. #21@Tom Waits: PMac should probably be a 5th OF / pinch-hitter on a good club.

    O.k – lets go to the rosters of MLB’s top teams (Top 6) and see if there is a spot for PMAC. I’ll advise.

  10. AGONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A one run game now. Does anybody think they have a chance?

  11. Agon !!!!!! That was worth staying up for !

  12. One out, no one on:
    Clark, Barrett, Greene = 0 Chance

  13. This is just cruel. We can’t take much more of this….

  14. #60@Turbine Dude: I do or I wouldn’t be watching.

  15. Come on – Edmonds has a hit and two RBIs against his old club. Certainly Barrett’s good for at least one RBI?

  16. Losing sucks, film at 11:00.

  17. Barrett almost got that one. Dang. The Pads fought in this one to the end ….

    One thing – One request —I want Tadahito Iguchi out of the 2 hole right now !

  18. Giants just beat down the Mets 10-2.

  19. I can’t stand those fake “Cubs Fans”. There are more displaced people than there has been born in the entire history of the midwest.

  20. Well at least Carlos Guevara had a nice major league debut tonight.

  21. #69@Jeff: Funny as heck. Thanks. Padres will end this winning streak tomorrow. Marquis and Lilly are good for at least one win in this series.

    The Portland Beavers got a good start from Josh Geer but fell tonight 4-3. Geer is starting to step it up big time. He is not walking many and starting to register more strikeouts. Let’s get him up here soon if 28 year old Baek struggles.

  22. #70@Ben B.: Guevara and Adams looked good tonight to at least keep us in this thing.

    Baek really looked like nothing special to me. He reminds me of Paul Menhart another Seattle castoff.

  23. #71@JP: Another 0 hit night for Antonelli, he may find himself in AA, very soon.

  24. #73@Field39: And remember the off season banter about whether Antonelli was ready for the bigs ?

    Granted very small samples, but two recently recalled minor leaguers Brian Horwitz and Brandon Boggs are two guys that have made immediate impacts to their clubs at the major league level. Headley is considered a better prospect than both —lets end this Padres silliness and get the 25 year old Headley up here now. I don’t buy their justification for waiting.

  25. #21@Tom Waits:

    A comparison might be PMAC with someone like Gabe Gross. However one thing that makes a PMAC comparison difficult with Gross or anyone else for that matter is that many 5th outfielders can move around and play other outfield positions and are decent glove men. Not to mention that PMAC is not athletic in the slightest so he can’t win a game with his wheels and in fact may lose one because he is so slow.

    You can carry a guy like PMAC as your 25th guy but it better be on a team that can rake and only needs a guy PMAC to fill a Tony Clark role or the DH spot.

  26. Well, on the positive but ultimately meaningless side, A-Gon now leads the NL in RBI. Team MVP for sure but the longer he keeps it up and gets little to no protection in the lineup, the sooner opposing managers are just gonna start walking him.

  27. #76@Steve: I understand why Black ran Tony Clark out there tonight to PH for KK , but I would have let KK bat against Kerry Wood tonight. KK is one of the guys you have to go to war with day in a day out while Clark will soon be long gone. KK has as good a chance as Clark to get on base or even to nail one.

  28. #77@JP: Kouz had been removed from the game earlier as part of a double switch. Clark was batting for Guevara.

  29. #77@JP: #78@Geoff Young:

    and either way, they have to truck clark out there…they can tell hes looking like a bad signing and are hoping to breath some life into him to even get a small but modest return…

    so far its not looking good.

  30. #79@Ian C.: obviously i mean that from a management/ownership point of view not a fan standpoint.

    if it was up to me he wouldnt be occupying a precious 25 man roster spot. but you know.

    money and all that

  31. #78@Geoff Young: Gotcha. Thanks. Needless to say, I was working on something else while the watching game and lost a bit of focus. I thought it seemed odd that you would bat for your 5th place hitter.

  32. #29@JP: Poorly. Roskos was a roided up spring training wonder. PMac has always been a good hitter, he’s been far from the most pressing problem this year, and yet people act like his strikeouts consume 2 outs.

    You can not care about minor league stats, but most good minor league hitters can also hit in the majors. It’s almost always a matter of opportunity, not skill.

  33. #82@Tom Waits: Roskos was a roided up spring training wonder.

    Funny. Kind of like Ozzie Conseco I suppose.