IGD: Padres vs Rockies (10 May 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (12-24) vs Rockies (15-21)
Greg Maddux vs Ubaldo Jimenez

7:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 188

The bad news is that we are putting on a lousy show for you. I apologize for it. I’m disgusted with it. This is the most stupid baseball playing I’ve ever seen!

– Ray Kroc, speaking over the public address system at the Padres 1974 home opener, as recounted on page 185 of his autobiography, Grinding It Out.

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  1. #50@Koo: What do you mean exactly?

  2. #43@Tom Waits: 2003 Padres also started 12-24.

    Worst Padre start in history after 36 games was Bowa’s ’87 squad which started at 8-29; another bad one was ’94 squad at 10-26.

  3. wow Giles is stealing bags tonight, makes me feel a little better about Bards CS %

  4. Willy Taveras is really trying to pad his defensive stats by taking every single ball to the outfield.

  5. Seems like a quick hook for Maddux, getting pulled after only 68 pitches. If the bullpen was better I wouldn’t worry so much but the way the pen has been pitching I’d like to see Maddux left in a little longer.

  6. #55@Schlom: yeah but I feel good with bell at home and I will be holding onto my seat tightly when Trevor comes in in the 9th.

  7. #55@Schlom: They could have let him go one more. 80 pitches is his 100.

  8. Worked out well with Meredith. Hopefully Bell and Trevor can close the deal.

  9. #58@Schlom: Meredith had fire in his eye tonight. He looked like the Meredith of August/Sept. 2006..

  10. Scotty with a nice steal and Jody getting lucky. He went on that.

  11. Paul DePodesta has started a blog at http://itmightbedangerous.blogspot.com/

    Based on the questions Corey Brock gets in his email, I’m scared for DePo.

  12. Bell appears to have his velocity back. According to Gameday, he was hitting 96-98 against Holliday, right about where he was last year.

  13. #61@Dex: THANKS … looks like comments are moderated … so it’s not that “dangerous” :-)

  14. …. BREAKING NEWS… Angry God Denies Padres Fans Prayers for Insurance Run… BREAKING NEWS… Again.

  15. Trevor Time. Cross your fingers.

  16. Why is Hoffman in for these high-leverage situations still? A lead-off walk with a 1-run lead. Danger.

  17. I used to be relieved when we got to this point in a game. Now I cringe.

  18. #63@LynchMob: If he gets 20 questions that say “So, what exactly do you do?” He’s gotta answer one of them, right? :)

  19. Mark Prior had a setback. Probably gone for 2008….

  20. Trevor is 100% in May … so far!

  21. OMG!!!!!!!!! We actually won a game!!!!!!! WoooooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!

  22. Hoffman still has good stuff folks.

  23. Whew! I’ll take the win, but 5 hits is not going to win a lot of games going forward. I hope the roster shake-up brings a few more hits and runs. Gerut and Carlin did not do much tonite.

  24. Mad Dog finally got his 350th! And, did it at home. Nice.

  25. Yes!!!! Win………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….We won!!!!???!!!

    More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. How about we rip off 25 straight wins? Go 2007 Colorado Rocky on the rest? Alright…..settle down…………

  27. That was nice.

    As great as it is, and with no disrespect, I feel like we need a replacement for:
    Something that reflects less certainty… more doubt about its possibility, but hope that it might be. Something like…

  28. #78@dprat: I’m not a ‘band wagon’ type of person. I still need to see Trevor perform like this about four more times before I’m convinced.

  29. K.Greene’s glove work was phenomenal tonight.

  30. Will Inman had another good start at San Antonio tonight.

  31. #79@Turbine Dude: Exactly my point. I’ll never be convinced again. I’m just trying to express hopefulness tinged with anxiety.

  32. #82@dprat: Well, you just expressed my feelings to the head on the nail.

  33. #4@LoyalSufferer: I know I’m a little late to the party, but I have to say thanks for the lyrics to that song. I could only remember the first line, and I’ve been walking around singing it for a month!

  34. #66@Geoff B: Have you seen the rest of the bullpen? The last two high leverage situations went to Joe Thatcher.

  35. Guess a lot of patience is still in order in regards to farm system.
    Tom King gets moved up two levels to Portland after hitting .158 at A level Lake Elsinore and 37 year old Shawn Wooten was signed by Portland yesterday. Wooten played on San Antonio (AA) last year and was cut by the Padres in July. This year a 5 for 33 start at AAA level for the Mets farm team in New Orleans resulted in his release.

    PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Beavers announced today that infielder Tom King has been transferred to the team from Class A Lake Elsinore.

    King, 23, was batting .158 (12-for-76) with two doubles, five walks, four RBIs and eight runs scored in 19 games with the Storm to start the season

  36. Maddux: 350 wins.

    Hoffman: 530 saves.

  37. RHP Greg Reynolds, the Rockies’ first-round pick in the 2006 draft, is expected to make his major league debut as the Rockies’ starter in Sunday afternoon’s series finale. … The Padres had four stolen bases for the first time since Aug. 10 at Cincinnati.

  38. Well, tonight was a good night to make my first game attended this year.

  39. I think its time for a new poll…

  40. #50@Koo:

    1. Kouz is not a selective hitter. He walks, but not that much. He’s also much weaker against RHP. With no outs and your best hitter coming up, running Giles when you the best XBH threat on the team is in the on-deck circle reduces your chances of a big inning. You’re also making the huge assumption that Kouz necessarily gets ahead in the count.

    2. They wouldn’t pitch to Agon because he’s the best hitter in the lineup. How does that contradict the notion that “protection” doesn’t exist? You’re always going to target the weakest possible batter. Whoever hits behind him, Kouz is still Kouz. He still has the same weaknesses and strengths.

    The way to have a big inning is to get lots of runners on and have multiple extra-base hits. The best way to do that, my friend, is to have as many good hitters as possible in the lineup. Putting Adrian behind a DP threat like Kouzmanoff doesn’t make Kouzmanoff a better hitter.

  41. #61@Dex: That’s awesome! Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve added DePo’s blog to the sidebar here and, of course, to PadreBlogs.com.