IGD: Padres @ Cubs (12 May 08)

Randy WolfPadres (14-24) @ Cubs (22-15)
Randy Wolf vs Carlos Zambrano
5:05 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

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  1. OK. I’m back from the store and it seems Danny’s been posting??? I told him he could….just be careful what you say. Man we are down by more than when I left to get dinner. Ouch!!

    Danny needs his own avatar.

  2. #49@OSIDE DANNY: Danny they are just better and the Padres have made a few stupid mistakes tonight. From the Manager on down.

  3. #51@Oside Jon: Jon, I just saw your avatar without looking at the name at first before I realized Danny was on here. LOL

  4. Starting in centerfield tonight, Venable has homered twice for the Beavers.

  5. I wish Edgar could have got his 1st big league knock on a happier note.

  6. Edgar Gonzalez is the greatest hitter ever!!!!! 2.000 OPS!!!!! Congratulations to Edgar for his first major league hit.

  7. #43@Ben B.: Probably after Ramirez’s RBI single made it 4-1. He was the fifth straight batter to reach base without Wolf recording an out.

    Possibly the batter before.

    If the Padres are trying to scratch out some wins, Black can’t let the games get out of hand because the their offense isn’t go to get it done.

  8. #53@Turbine Dude: My spelling is bad but not 4th grade level. hahahahaha

  9. #45@Ben B.: Hopefully Henn isn’t used in the same fashion as Thatcher was yet.

  10. I got my avatar I hope you like it and the padres are still loseing I just wish I was a baseball player I bet I would get 10 home runs.

  11. test….avatar didn’t come up. Sorry to waste comments on this guys…..but the Pads are sucking right now.

  12. Jenga’s OPS is hovering around 1000 again this year.

  13. If its not too much trouble, could someone please tell me what happened at third base with the error by Kouz. I missed that. How did the runs score?

  14. Just got back from dinner, and I hadn’t seen any of the game…God, we suck right now. :-(

  15. #61@Danny555: Danny, it takes awhile for it to show up.

  16. #64@parlo: Bases loaded, ground ball hit to Kouz picked up 10 feet behind the bag, he was late getting to the bag for the out and rifles it to 1st with a bad throw. Ball gets away and the bases clear.

  17. Rally cap time! WooooHoooo!

  18. #67 Turbine Dude: Thanks TD! If its any consolation, I was looking at the scoreboards and there are a lot of blowouts tonight. Lots of games with 7 or more runs scored by one team.

  19. With Shawn Estes coming into the rotation, does this mean Justin Germano is now platooned to middle relief?

  20. Jody is showing that he deserves to be on this team.

  21. #70@Turbine Dude: I think that’s the deal.

  22. Did anybody honestly believe going into this game against Zambrano with the Cubs tied for 1st in the NL Central think we had a chance tonight?

  23. #73@Turbine Dude: The Padres could have won a 5-4 type game, but everything went wrong instead of the other way around.

    But yes, the Cubs were favored to win.

  24. #73 Turbine Dude: We scored a couple of runs off him, and for five innings or so, it was a close game. Then the meltdown came. Then another meltdown happened the following inning. Our defense and pitching are what failed tonight. Our offense was nothing special, but it was adequate, somewhat.

  25. #74@Kevin: #75@parlo:
    I guess I came into this game expecting to lose. However, Wolf looked pretty good the first four innings. I think Black hesitated too long in pulling him when the wheels started to fall off.

  26. OT: The reason Zambrano stayed in the game so long was that the Cubs went 5 deep into their BP yesterday. To aswer Scan’s post-game question.

  27. #76@Turbine Dude: I totally agree about Wolf. See comment 57.

  28. #77 Turbine Dude: Scoring twelve runs gives you that option.

  29. AP notes: Gerut’s last homer came on May 24, 2005, against the Twins while he was playing for the Indians. He wasn’t in the majors the last two years. … Padres C Michael Barrett, bothered by a sprained right elbow ligament, threw before the game and could go on a rehab assignment soon. … Padres LF Scott Hairston fell over the Cubs’ bullpen mound chasing Fukudome’s foul fly in the sixth, but wasn’t hurt. … Edgar Gonzalez, just called up from Triple-A, had an RBI single in the seventh for his first major league hit. He is the brother of Padres’ first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. … Former Cubs pitcher Mark Prior, now with the Padres, had a setback in his rehab from shoulder surgery in April 2007. When he felt discomfort in his shoulder at extended spring training in Arizona, he was sent back to San Diego for an MRI, Black said. Prior might visit Dr. James Andrews, who performed the surgery, to be checked out.

  30. I’ve been a Padre fan for a very long time. It hurts me to say, but this team really stinks. A lot. Almost everyone should/could be fired. Keep Adrian Gonzalez and Peavy, and toss everyone else.
    Jody Gerut is decent, love to see him flourish with time, but why didn’t we make a play for Jacque Jones? Speed and defense, and he’s a local guy.
    Hope Adrian’s brother works out at third, Kooz is a disaster.
    And why don’t ALL of our hitters who struggle make a phone call and go visit San Diego State? I hear their baseball coach used to hit a little, maybe he could help.
    Just some thoughts. Painful, but true.

  31. testing the avatar…..