IGD: Padres @ Braves (6 May 08)

Chris YoungPadres (12-20) @ Braves (15-15)
Chris Young vs Jair Jurrjens
4:00 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 186

Fun with anagrams…

Chris Young: Crushing Yo, Grouchy Sin, Chugs Irony, Churns Yogi, Cushy Groin, Coy Rushing

Jair Francoise Jurrjens: Ninjas Jar Fierce Jurors

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  1. #49@anthony: See, I should have just called you. Can you fix this game for us?

  2. #50@Turbine Dude: You’re a better man than I, Gunga Din

  3. 6-4-3 DP! Nice.

  4. Greene had a good cut there but no chance.

  5. Silver Sombrero for Khalil !!!

  6. Boyer is just awsome right now.

  7. Good at bat for Josh. Way to work the count. Just dumb luck to ground out like that. Grrrr.

  8. 1. Greene looks lost. Even if you told him a breaking ball was coming he might not believe you or do anything with it.

    2. We’re probably doing nothing this year, but is that a good enough reason for Black to phone it in? Edmonds against a LHP who had given up 2 runs?

  9. #58@Tom Waits: Tom, I have to agree with you whole heartedly. I think the talent is there, it’s being mis-managed.

  10. #59@Turbine Dude: It’s mostly Edmonds that upsets me, and in the grand scheme of life I can understand giving a once-great player the honor of going out swinging (if Edmonds is indeed in danger of being released). The rest of the team….nobody’s hitting. Young got knocked around. Even when they have good at bats the balls tend to find gloves. Black “could” have been quicker with the hook once or twice, and he could have sat Edmonds more, but it’s shoveling sand against the tide.

  11. #58@Tom Waits: If Bud is waving the white flag by playing Edmunds, then KT is doing the same, by keeping him on the roster.

  12. #60@Tom Waits: I’m of the same thinking. There are several things we could blame this lame season on. But, I think it is an overall thing not just one particular reason.

  13. #61@Field39: Yeah, but with Towers the reasons are more defensible. He may want to talk to Edmonds in person, see if he’s willing to go on the DL or retire. He knows that Black has options. Black not using those options is worse.

  14. Gonzalez up with two on and one out. A 9th inning comeback win could give this team a spark.

  15. If that was fair, we win. Damn.

  16. #63@Tom Waits: In that case, he could of jumped on a plane and talked to him, before going on the radio.

  17. Is Wally Bell trying to get this over with? Pitch 2 and 3 to Agon were in almost the same spot.

  18. #65@Turbine Dude: As bad as this team has played this season, they haven’t had one thing go their way.

  19. #66@Field39: A cross-country flight is just slightly different than the manager knowing that he has 25 guys on his bench. The front office should be able to trust that the manager isn’t going to make stupid decisions.

  20. #68@JMAR: All I can say to that is: Shit happens. It just hasn’t happened to our benifit.

  21. #70@Turbine Dude: Shit just happened then.

  22. Braves bullpen is shaky at best. Acosta, Ring, Bennett They do indeed need Smoltz to close.

  23. My appologies to GY for cursing in his blog.

  24. I want to enlist all ducksnorters to e-mail Scan at heyscan@cox.net and pound him with these pressing issues.

  25. I was going to say that Kouz is killing us in the #4 spot. In reality, though, Kouz wouldn’t be hitting higher than 5th or 6th in any other lineup in the majors. It’s killing us that we don’t have a #4 hitter. Hell, we don’t even have a capable #6 hitter.

  26. Portland Beavers are playing with some magic right now ! Carlin and Antonelli with back to back jacks as they move ahead 9-8 in Omaha !!

  27. At the very least, things are going better at Portland !!!

  28. Ambres hits a three run bomb to push his OPS over .900 !

  29. Any sort of infusion on to this roster may help. Case in Point : a guy that Chase Headley played against (and frankly out performed) against last year : Texas Ranger recent call up (Frisco last year) Brandon Boggs, who wasn’t overly impressive in the minors but good, has really given the Rangers a shot in the arm with some good bat work.

  30. #79@JP: Maybe when it is convient, KT will consider a roster move.

  31. Frisco Roughrider last year, 22 year old German Duran is also making his case to stay in the majors this year w/the Rangers


    ** Pretty much the same level of perf. in 2007 as Antonelli.

    Rangers put NO pressure on Duran –he flys under the radar while off season 2007 & 2008 -the Padres management drooled the whole time over this kid to justify their “see-we can build a farm ” stance, all the while, flying the kid into San Diego in December to audition for the center fielder job….

  32. 30 days ago I was in this same hotel room, and we were getting beat by the Giants. Not much has gone good since then. Over and out.

  33. Alderson has to be checking the box scores daily and wishing and hoping his money ball compatriots Oakland and Florida — lose.

  34. ATLANTA (AP) – San Diego right-hander Kevin Cameron threw only three pitches before leaving Tuesday night’s game against the Atlanta Braves with a sprained right elbow.

    Padres manager Bud Black said Cameron likely will be placed on the disabled list with a first-degree sprain of the ulnar collateral ligament.

  35. #84@Kevin: Another player it might have been smart to trade due to superficially good-looking stats.

    #80@Field39: Hey, I wish they’d done things a lot differently. But waiting 3 games so you might save the org. 5 million dollars is defensible, when your manager has other players he can use.

    Watching this team right now is like putting your head in a vise. Every game is another twist of the handle.

  36. #85@Tom Waits: For my money, once you have announced that you will be changing things in three games, you might as well call in the three forfeits and come straight home.

  37. #76@JP: Beavers win a barn-burner 12-11 …

    HR: POR: C. Ambres (5), B. Myrow 2 (5), M. Antonelli (3), L. Carlin (3), C. Headley (3)

    … POW!

  38. Remember when you were looking forward to the start of this season? It’s depressing to realize that the season is basically over this early.

  39. More bad news … a commenter at MadFriars is reporting that Clay Hensley “took a step back, reported his shoulder wasn’t right, was flown back to SD where the didn’t find anything wrong….but they are shutting him down for 5-6 days” … bummer :-(

  40. #89@LynchMob: I am starting the “give Luke Carlin a cup of coffee in 08″ fan club if anyone wants to join.

    If Kevin Higgins gets a shot at the majors (fire sale Pads) in 1993 than dammit Carlin gets one in 2008 !


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