IGD: Padres @ Diamondbacks (18 Apr 08)

Greg MadduxPadres (8-8) @ D’backs (11-4)
Greg Maddux vs Dan Haren
6:40 p.m. PT
Channel 4SD
AM 1090, FM 105.7, XM 183

We’re three weeks into the season; is it too early to panic? More importantly, is it too early for me to complain about people who are panicking? On a related note, drop me a line if you’ve seen my sanity. I miss it…

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  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………

  2. #50@LynchMob: Isn’t the coach supposed to be the one who takes the blame, and covers for the players?

  3. #50@LynchMob: Well, you don’t go bad mouthing the coaching staff when your position isn’t set in stone. He was just covering his ass.

  4. Ahh man. It’s my birthday and we’re gonna lose twice in one day!!!! It’s all my fault again……..Sorry everyone.

    We could come back though….it’s still early. Maybe we should just forfeit rather then tax the pen more. Can you do that or is that just little league?

    Or how about we get KG to pitch? 69 pitch count for mad dog…..Ouch.

  5. #49@LynchMob: So did I. That’s why I point out his school every time he is mentioned.

  6. #54@Oside Jon: Happy Birthday Jon :)

  7. What’s with all of the fly balls? This is like watching a guy who is down at the Black Jack table making stupid bets to recoup his loses.

  8. I want to thank the Padres for that game last night, I had to fly to Portland, OR at about 7 last night, and then had to drive 3 hours south and got to listen to the Padre game the whole drive. :) They lost right as I was getting to my hotel.

    Anyway, can’t watch the game where I’m at, but Padres aren’t hitting tonight either. Kinda takes the wind out of the Petco being the problem argument.

  9. #42@Kevin:

    You’re right, I don’t like it. What am I doing here? Why do I subscribe to Cox HD solely for Ch. 704?

    You know, Kev, you’re Mr. Argumentative shtick isn’t your most enduring trait here.

  10. Nice grab by Crabe!

  11. 60: Excuse me: your Mr …

    I leave all my grammar knowledge at work, I guess.

  12. OG seems to be back to his old self.

  13. Again, the fly balls. Let’s keep the ball on the ground or at least quit trying to go yard at every bat.

  14. #60@Stephen: I don’t see how 1-0 and 2-1 games are boring if you do like baseball. Jake Peavy, Pedro Martinez, Bob Gibson, every great pitcher ever, those are the best games to watch.

    It is my most enduring trait. It may not be my most endearing though.

  15. I just got back from the Portland/Colorado Springs game. Comments:
    LeBlanc looked OK, not great, but got the job done. He looked completely clueless at the plate, then somehow lunged into a pitch and swatted it over the shortstop’s head for an RBI.
    Myrow is a stud hitter. The best on the field tonite.
    Antonelli looked good at the plate with a single, SB, 2B, and 2 runs, and a great backhand play at 2nd.
    Headley was OK. He had an awkward play on a popup to short-left. Made the catch, but ugly.
    Edgar Gonzalez was making solid contact. Nice stroke.
    Oh, and the Beavers won 5-1.

  16. Those are the types of hits we need.

  17. 65: There is a difference between low-scoring games that are because of great pitching and those that are because of just bad hitting. The former can be great. The later are boring, especially if the team you are pulling for is not hitting.

  18. #68@Geoff B: I think that last night might have been somewhere in between.

  19. Dog should pitch out to this guy Jackson.

  20. This has now become a laugher.

  21. Said it last week, will say it again. I am done with Edmonds. Should have caught that.

  22. Maybe a 22-inning game followed by a 10-run rule game.

  23. I think we should’ve just surrendered early tonight and said lets come back tomorrow and try again

  24. Somehow the long game does not seem to have had a negative effect on the Rockies. They put 11 runs on the board tonite.

  25. #74@Mark O: Normally I would have to agree with you. However, the Padres really have no excuse after seeing what the Rocks did in Houston tonight.

  26. Mmmm….Beer Heaven!

  27. #77@Turbine Dude: Beer is good…

  28. Maddux can’t go 8, can he?

  29. #79@Field39: Dog won’t go. Pen is already warmed up.

  30. Since this game is in the tank, I’ll bring up another topic.
    Is anyone else sick of Mark Grant and his juvinile humor and behavior as much as me?

  31. I once had a dog named Augie. We called him Augie the Doggie (no kidding).

  32. I like Grant.

    It’s the Padres offense I’m tired of.

  33. #81@Turbine Dude:
    Absolutely agree with you re: Grant, altho’ I think that is a minority view among DS’ers.

    All too often I find I have to turn the sound off on Grant and the beloved Matty V. At least Matt can rise above it on occasion… I find he and Tony G. a pleasure to listen to. But Grant too frequently drags Matt down with him to a 3rd grade level… not funny, definitely not clever, or intelligent, just pathetic.

  34. That was painful. I am getting seriously close to the “Back up the truck” stage.

  35. I usually enjoy Matt/Mark. Sometimes they are very funny but it helps if the game is decent. Quis is another story.

    I’m in semi-panic mode because they keep losing within the West, the outfield situation is as bad as the national media suggested it would be and they look even more anemic at the plate than last year, though I don’t know if the stats back that up. Edmonds is painful. They’re looking pretty solidly 4th or 5th place.

  36. i really dont like mark grant either. and im having a tough time rooting for edmonds. i keep trying but hes killing me. pmac isnt playing so well either

  37. Mark Grant is terrible. If the radio and TV wasn’t out of synch I’d watch while listening to the radio broadcast. Matt and Tony together is good though.

    The outfield is pretty bad at this point. Hairston is looking more and more like the 2008 version of Sledge, Edmonds and Giles are past their prime, and Mac will probably never be a Major League level player. The real trouble is that the OF isn’t the only trouble on the team. The INF isn’t that good either. Is any player average, even when adjusting for park effects? Adrian could be the best player, but with so many good 1b around I’m not sure he’s in the top half of starters in the NL.