Two Points of Rage, Please

I’m more than a little furious about Tuesday night’s loss (recap | box score), but I’ve got a monthly roundtable to finish, so I’ll distill my rage into two points:

  • It is public knowledge that Greg Maddux tends to implode after five innings (opponents are batting .333/.351/.632 against him from the sixth on) or 75 pitches (.366/.404/.683 after that point).
  • The Padres have carried seven relievers all year.

With such a deep bullpen, the strategy always, always is to get Maddux (and David Wells, who has similar splits) out of the game as soon as humanly possible. I’d hoped I might feel better about this one after sleeping on it, but no such luck. Being outplayed by the opposition is acceptable on a certain level, but poor decision making just eats at me…

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  1. GY, come back off the ledge. It’s one game. It’s a marathon, you know.

  2. True, but there is a difference between stumbling on debris in the road and forgetting to hydrate oneself.

  3. I’m with you, GY. 12 pitchers = getting your starters out when you should. Of course we only have 12 pitchers in theory, we really have 10 for 95% of games and another 2 who are kept in a locked cabinet.

  4. I wonder if they get to ride the same bus/plane as the rest of the team. Then again, I wonder if they even go on road trips.

    These questions of course are minor in relation to the larger question of “do KCam and Hampson actually exist?”

  5. I blame Pepe for the loss completely.
    My friend had to talk me down from screaming so much at the TV.

    Throwing Maddux back into the 7th with a lead was acceptable only if he got no hit stuff. Not getting the bullpen ready that Cla Meredith was called in to throw 4 wide ones was asinine.

    That’s one game given to the Marlins on a platter.
    I’m still fuming about it.