IGD: Padres vs Giants (4 Apr 06)

first pitch: 7:05 p.m., PT
television: Channel 4SD
matchup: Shawn Estes (7-8, 4.80 ERA) vs Matt Morris (14-10, 4.11 ERA)
previews: Padres.com | SI.com

And now, reality check time. This is what the rest of the Padres rotation looks like. It’s only the second game of the season, and I’m trying to maintain optimism, especially in light of Monday evening’s Opening Day victory, but I still can’t think of anything good to say about Shawn Estes. If he can return to 2000-01 form, when he was a league-average pitcher, I’ll be thrilled.

Jose Vizcaino (.444/.474/.667 in 18 AB), Mike Matheny (.438/.500/.500 in 16 AB), and Moises Alou (.316/.381/.579 in 19 AB) all have had success against Estes. Current Giants hitters have a collective .321/.392/.470 line against him in 134 at-bats.

On the other side, current Padres have hit .294/.343/.468 against Morris in 201 at-bats. Brian Giles (.417/.481/.750 in 24 AB) leads the charge, with Mike Piazza (.385/.407/.462 in 26 AB) right behind him. Unfortunately, two of the Padres’ most productive hitters against Morris — Mike Cameron (.500/.538/.917 in 12 AB) and Ryan Klesko (.360/.407/.560 in 25 AB) — are on the disabled list and won’t get a chance to add to those numbers.

Talk it up, folks. Let’s make it two in a row!

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  1. What’s the word on the rain situation?

  2. It’s coming down pretty hard in Clairemont, looks a little better at Petco. Tarp is on the field, TV guys are operating under the assumption we’ll have a game.

  3. Rainout I’m guessing. 6:35 and still raining, Not good. BUt then I don’t know how MLB handles rainouts, I live in SD.

  4. Matt and Mark say we’re in a “holding pattern.” Channel 4 is switching to rain delay programming. Who knows. Pads haven’t been rained out at home since May 1998.

  5. Last rainout in San Diego was in ’98? well then I hope the game gets rained out tonight..that has to be an omen doesn’t it?

  6. nobody’s there, they might as well scrap this game.. then Peavy can start saturday and push Brazelton back to sunday.

  7. It’s pretty funny on Directv right now they just have the cameras on with no announcers just showing it rain….

  8. I’m on a commercial page on MLB.tv

  9. MLB.com says PPD

  10. IGD turns into IRD = In Rainout Discussion …

  11. http://tinyurl.com/h5xe8 … says Peavy gets extra rest … ie. Estes tomorrow … ie. rotation just pushed back a day … I s’pose that’s a good decision for the long term … but it’s sure gotta be tempting to try to get Peavy 40 starts :-)

  12. Padres optioned RHP Scott Cassidy to Triple-A Portland.
    The Padres needed to make room on their roster for newly acquired catcher Rob Bowen. Cassidy could bounce back and forth between Triple-A and the majors several times this season.

    … per rotowire …

  13. Anyone know anything about Bowen?

  14. Pads also released Bozied yesterday.