In-Game Discussion: Padres vs Rockies (3 May 2005)

first pitch: 7:05 p.m., PT
television: Channel 4
matchup: Tim Redding (0-4, 7.94 ERA) vs Jamey Wright (1-2, 6.85 ERA)
game previews: ESPN | CBS SportsLine

Damian Jackson, recalled to replace last night’s hero Adam Hyzdu, who has been DFA’d, gets the start at shortstop. Call it the Ducksnorts curse. I’ll try not to put Jake Peavy‘s name in a headline anytime soon.

Speaking of curses, I can deny it no more. And so I appeal to the man himself:

A Humble Request to the Grand Wizard Valdezmort to Remove His Wicked Curse

Izzy, Izzy – oh how we long for thee;
Izzy, Izzy – oh what mystery lies beneath your curse?
Who foresaw that all who followed you would be worse?
Izzy, is he – Valdes or Valdez?
Who knew the loss of mediocrity
Would lead to such great travesty?

We have suffered through Sterling, Justin, Tank, and now Redding;
Where in Hades is our fifth starter heading?
Come what May, you’ve made us pay
In ways we’re all regretting.

Izzy, Izzy – who would have guessed
That among all others you were the best,
Blessed as you were with run support
And a curious reluctance to pitch inside?

From this truth we cannot hide:
Despite an ERA well over five,
The Padres’ bats did come alive
When each fifth day you toed the slab
And saved us from our drab existence,
Rewarding us with your persistence
At winning games despite our insistence
That it was all just smoke and mirrors.

Izzy, Izzy – with you we tripped the light craptastic,
But since you left, we’ve gone quite spastic;
So now we implore thee, in truly awful verse,
Please remove your wicked curse
That has our fifth starter in reverse.

We beg of thee, please set us free
And we shall speak no further ill of you
Than if you’d pitched like Vida Blue.

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  1. And Nevin continues to be MIA with RISP.

  2. I still think Bochy should flip Giles and Klesko in the lineup.

  3. SD St’s Tony Clark gets GWRBI for D-backs over Giants tonight … now hitting .342 for the season …

  4. I like the Giles/Klesko flip idea … maybe even move Giles below Hernandez until he earns a trip back up the order …

  5. Batter – Before – After
    Miles – 0.49 – 0.26
    Sullivan – 0.26 – 0.52
    Barmes – 0.52 – 0.00

    That happened in a heartbeat.

  6. Geez, that was fast. I want to see the replay.

  7. Ah, home field advantage.

  8. 9 pitches … nice work Aki!

  9. 2.1% less likely to score, now.

  10. Witasick almost threw that away.

  11. Kevin Brown: 24 IP, 0-4, 8.25 ERA, $15.7M
    Tim Redding: 24 IP, 0-4, 6.00 ERA, $750k

    I like our guy better. ;-)

  12. That’s great, Geoff.

  13. WTF? Are we *trying* to lose?

  14. Khalil didn’t finish his game @ Lake Elsinore???

  15. Just ran themselves out of the inning. 20.1% less likely to score.

  16. That was incredibly stupid. Incredibly.

  17. DJ is the man! Maybe it wasn’t Hyzdu, but it’s the guy who occupies that roster spot.

  18. Yankees: 11-16, $205.9M
    Padres: 12-14, $62.9M

    And, Tony Womack isn’t starting in LF for us.

  19. DJ! D. Jackson doubled to deep left, S. Burroughs scored

  20. Seems like a good place to get Fick an AB! Tell me what you see!

  21. Batter – Before – After
    Klesko – 0.49 – 0.88
    Hernandez – 0.88 – 0.69
    Burroughs – 0.69 – 0.92
    Jackson – 0.33 – 1.33
    Fick – 1.33 – 1.00

    What was Bochy thinking?

  22. After 8 innings, Padres have “squandered” 5.02 runs and the Rockies 4.58 runs.

  23. Garcia is in at short…

  24. That was a heck of an AB by Helton.

  25. I could hear the bells all the way up here in Oregon :-)

  26. Damn, Helton can hit. Not news, but damn.

  27. Gets Hawpe with the icky.

  28. ‘Nats get one back … now down just 4-3 to Dog’s …

  29. Atkins has never faced Hoffman. Trevor’s ahead 0-2.

  30. Sacrifice would have actually been the right call with the man on 2nd…

  31. Gets Atkins with the icky.

  32. Holliday 0 for 1 career against Hoffman.

  33. Richard … how are you calc’ing “squandared”? Sum of net for each batter?

  34. From afar … looks like Todd can handle the icky … but the Todd’lers can’t :-)

  35. Trevor gets save #399. Curse of Valdezmort removed. Pads go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon.


  36. Batter – Before – After
    Helton – 0.49 – 1.13
    Hawpe – 1.13 – 0.69
    Atkins – 0.69 – 0.33
    Holliday – 0.33 – 0.00

    After Helton, it wasn’t even fair.

  37. Rather than removal of curse, I fear something like the groundhog seeing his shadow … it portends 6 more weeks of “winter” :-(

    Ack, sorry, again, for the negative … nice W tonight … good conversation!!! :-)

  38. Oh, one last try … how’d Fick look in his AB? I know, I know … the ultimate “small sample size” … just curious …

  39. Lynchy, I’m taking the highest Expected Runs from any point in the inning and subtracting runs scored from it, then adding up the innings. For instance, the Rockies squandered 1.13 runs in the 9th.

  40. I thought Fick looked better than I remember him looking last year. I was far from impressed last year, though.

  41. Thanks … and the ER info was interesting!

  42. LM: No need to apologize; we all want to see the Padres kick ass – your contributions are always welcome!

    Richard: Thanks for the running ER. That was some fascinating stuff. Are you going to post tonight’s final numbers over at FF?

    Anyway, thanks again to all for the chat this evening. Pads win! Pads win!

  43. I think I’ll actually link over to this thread for now. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll get the numbers up on