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Writing the Book (8 Dec 08)

I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving. I’m finally settling back into my routine and almost caught up on emails. If I still owe you a response, this is probably the week it happens. I got a ton of work done in Hawai’i, which is good because I’ve been stressing about the whole book thing. [...]

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

Forgive the lack of updates this past week. I rolled out of bed on Monday, blinked, and it was Saturday. Time is not your friend. We’re off to Hawai’i for the annual Thanksgiving shindig at my wife’s family’s farm. I’m prepping some articles (mostly annotated reruns) to run in my absence; although discussion is always [...]

Vacation Recovery Mode

Hi there. Sorry for going incommunicado on you. We were off in Hawai’i doing the Thanksgiving/anniversary thing; I’d intended to post a few updates from yonder, but first I lost my motivation and then I lost my wi-fi (the in-laws are pretty far off the grid). Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday. One [...]