Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

Forgive the lack of updates this past week. I rolled out of bed on Monday, blinked, and it was Saturday. Time is not your friend.

We’re off to Hawai’i for the annual Thanksgiving shindig at my wife’s family’s farm. I’m prepping some articles (mostly annotated reruns) to run in my absence; although discussion is always welcome, comments may be held up in the moderation queue a little longer than usual. I will get to stuff when I can, but my priorities over the next two weeks are:

  1. Hang out with family
  2. Eat good home cookin’
  3. Work on the book
  4. Do nothing

Anything else is a luxury, and I make no guarantees.

I also have a couple of articles scheduled to run elsewhere at some point. One is on Padres bench coach Ted Simmons, and the other is my preliminary list of top 20 Padres prospects. The former will be at Hardball Times, the latter at MadFriars. I have no clue when they will be published; just keep checking back because there’s always good stuff at those sites anyway.

That’s pretty much it. Again, we’ll do reruns this week and next, then return to quasi-regular posting around the second week in December. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Peace…

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  1. Enjoy your vacation, Geoff.

    And don’t return until you’ve dealt Peavy for a lava statue of King Kamehameha and a sack of pineapples. I’ll call Barry Axelrod to verify that Hawaii’s on the list of Jake’s approved destinations.