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Great Moments in Indecision: Gonzalez Still an ex-Padre

Word on the street is… it’s on again. Contract extension talks broke down Sunday morning, which put the trade in jeopardy. Gonzalez reportedly wanted an eight-year deal but the Red Sox offered only six. That is no longer a sticking point; Gonzalez will head to Boston without an extension, and the two sides can talk [...]

I Am Sure I Am Not Sure (I Think)

The world is in a constant state of flux. All that we know with any degree of certainty is that what holds true today may or may not hold true tomorrow… The Padres have been awful this year. I have witnessed it personally and had others confirm the fact for me as well… That’s why I feel guilty enjoying this team. I want to hate, but I can’t do it.

With Fans Like These, Who Needs Air Conditioning?

You know the old saw: When the going gets tough, the weak flee screaming like frightened little schoolchildren. Seems one former Padres “fan” has had enough and jumped on the Red Sox bandwagon (I’m flattered that someone actually took my advice). That must have been a difficult decision, but I’m sure now he feels like [...]

The Giles Non-Story

I haven’t commented on the Brian Giles waiver thing because, frankly, nothing happened. That said, because the Red Sox were involved, people are making a big stink, so here’s my two cents. First off, pretty much everyone gets placed on waivers this time of year. That’s not a news item. Second, I’m hearing a lot [...]

Series Preview: Lisa Gray Talks Astros

I’m making a concerted effort to do more interviews this year and get more voices talking here at Ducksnorts. With that in mind, it’s my great pleasure to bring you Lisa Gray, of the excellent Astros Dugout, who will tell us a little more about the Padres’ first opponent of 2008. Ducksnorts: The Astros and [...]

Weekend Winter Wrapup (29 Oct 07)

Congrats to the Red Sox on their World Series victory or whatever. Stephen said it best in the comments: Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Tom Werner standing on the podium to accept the WS trophy. For those who may have forgotten why we detest Werner in these parts, here’s a handy reminder. Aside [...]

Management by Baseball

Management by Baseball By Jeff Angus Collins: 272 pp., $22.95 hardcover Don’t let the title fool you. Although this book is aimed at actual and would-be managers, the insights can be of use to anyone who has to deal with managers, which is just about everyone. Using lessons learned from field and general managers in [...]