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Change Is Good, and So Is Winning

We made it to our first game of 2010 on Saturday night. I was prepared to hate the new 5:35 start time, but it turns out I didn’t. We had to rearrange our eating schedule, although that worked out well, as it resulted in a Lolita’s carne asada burrito after the game. Speaking of change, [...]

Youngsters and Salary Dumps

We’ve been tracking a few key young players since the All-Star break using Modified Box Scores (explanation). Let’s see how these kids are doing as measured by more conventional metrics. Bear in mind that we’re talking about 31 games, a tiny sample. First, the Padres as a team: Padres Offense, First and Second Half   [...]

You Don’t Have to Go Home, but You Can’t Stay Here

Trevor Hoffman has signed a 1-year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers for $6 million with incentives that could kick it up to $7.5 million. Like football’s Brett Favre, Hoffman now has the pleasure of being almost universally associated with one team despite neither starting nor finishing his career with that team. We’ve got lots to [...]

Faulty Radar, and Performance by Position

I’ve got a few things on my mind this morning. First off, I’m reorganizing the categories of this here blog, trying to put some of those information architecture skills I learned at my last job to use. Among other things, I’m discovering that it’s a lot harder to organize your own stuff than someone else’s. [...]

Putting ‘Em On, Letting ‘Em In

One area where Padres pitchers have struggled so far in 2008 is with runners in scoring position. Opponents are hitting .270/.371/.434 against them in those situations. Only four teams — the Marlins (823), Tigers (837), Rockies (859), and Rangers (916) — have allowed a higher OPS. Unfortunately, Padres pitchers also rank seventh in MLB in [...]

Three Pitchers and a Former GM

I’m kinda winging it today. We’ll see what happens… This has been floating around for a few days now, but Paul DePodesta has a blog. I’ve added it to the ol’ blogroll as well as to PadreBlogs.com. One of DePo’s first posts concerns the effects of Petco Park. The entire post is well worth reading, [...]

Hacking on a 2-1 Count

Yesterday we talked about the Padres’ inability to hit on a 2-1 count. We speculated on reasons why this might be so. Reader Anthony suggested that some hard hit balls may have died on the warning track at Petco or that some players might be thinking walk first when they get ahead in the count. [...]

Padres Batting by Count, 2004-2005

I’ve alluded to this before, and I don’t know what to make of it, but the Padres really struggled hitting in 2-1 counts this year: Padres Batting by Count, 2005 Count AB BA OBP SLG OPS ISO XBH/H AB/HR Stats courtesy ESPN. 0-0 666 .309 .309 .459 .768 .150 .311 39.18 0-1 559 .351 .358 [...]

A Few Quick Thoughts

Oh boy, Baseball Reference has added 2004 stats. Check out the Padres page. You can see that Sean Burroughs compares well to Edgardo Alfonzo and Brooks Robinson at the same age, among others. You can also find weird pieces of information. For example, you probably know that Ryan Klesko hit just 9 homers this year, [...]