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Friday Links (28 Sep 07)

Coffee in the bloodstream, jazz in the ears, baseball on the brain. Let’s get busy… Trade winds blow true (San Diego Union-Tribune). Tom Krasovic tells us what we already know: Kevin Towers is good at that trading thing. Here’s a passage that helps confirm some things we’ve long suspected: Padres statistical analysts deserve credit, Towers [...]

Cassel’s Made of Sand (and Blue)

Dude, what’s the name of that one taco shop we used to eat at on Convoy? One game out of first with 13 remaining? I’d say that’s a good place to be. Just bullet points today: Congrats to Jack Cassel on picking up his first big-league victory on Monday night. He scared the heck out [...]

Blum, Bocachica, and a Slice of History

Eight series wins in a row? Really, I had no idea. Greg Maddux brought his A-game on Wednesday night (recap | boxscore), and Geoff Blum and Hiram Bocachica led the offense en route to a — Say what? Blum and Boca-who-ca? Yep. Blum drove in four runs on the evening, doubling his season total. All [...]

Checking In on the New Guys

The Padres lost on Sunday, and I have surprisingly little to say about it. They didn’t really do anything wrong other than run into Jason Hirsh, who is pitching very well right now. I liked what I saw from Greg Maddux. Again. Actually, I like what I’m seeing from a lot of the new guys: [...]

Better Ways to Get There

Yeah, I’m happy that the Padres won on Tuesday (recap | box score). Actually, relieved is more like it (pun only partially intended). The bullpen coming through with nine innings of two-hit shutout baseball is huge. I still can’t believe the Mets had no use for Heath Bell. Still, this Mike Cameron losing fly balls [...]