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Friar Forecast’s Padres 2010 Trade Deadline Primer

Friend of Ducksnorts Myron Logan (Friar Forecast) has teamed up with John Bonnes and the gang at TwinsCentric to produce an e-book called the 2010 Trade Deadline Primer. Myron contributed the chapter on the Padres (duh) and did a terrific job with it. I will steal from the marketing folks for this next bit: Whether [...]

David Eckstein: Not Very Good, Not a Problem

Daniel at Friar Forecast wishes the Padres had signed free agent second baseman Felipe Lopez to replace incumbent David Eckstein. Of Eckstein, Daniel says, “He is a terrible player. His fielding and batting are both below average.” I can’t argue the point, but I can approach it from a different angle. Maybe my expectations for [...]

Chat, Anyone?

The guys at Friar Forecast recently conducted a live chat and it looked like fun. Since I’m a big fan of stealing from the best, I thought we might try something similar here at Ducksnorts this year… assuming there is interest. So. Is there interest?

Once Upon My Mind: Jeff Weaver, Johan Santana, Corey Patterson, Milton Bradley, Jayson Werth

Myron at Friar Forecast is looking back at old Padres drafts, and in his first installment, he covers 2000 (Mark Phillips, Xavier Nady, Mewelde Moore…). I thought it might be fun to see what I’d said about those players back in the day; unfortunately, much of that stuff didn’t make it over from the old [...]

Geoff’s Publishing Schedule for 2009

Thing is, writing the 2009 Annual took a lot out of me. So does writing software documentation 40 hours a week. Life is good; I’ve got no complaints or regrets. That said, you deserve to know why I’m scaling back production this year. Here’s the plan for 2009: Monday: Ducksnorts Tuesday: Baseball Daily Digest Thursday [...]