Geoff’s Publishing Schedule for 2009

Thing is, writing the 2009 Annual took a lot out of me. So does writing software documentation 40 hours a week.

Life is good; I’ve got no complaints or regrets. That said, you deserve to know why I’m scaling back production this year. Here’s the plan for 2009:

Also, you may notice a shift here at Ducksnorts. Good research takes time and energy, both of which are in short supply, while bad research isn’t worth the electrons via which it is transmitted. Expect less number crunching and more… weirdness.

If you need your daily Padres fix — and trust me, you do — head over to Friar Forecast, Gaslamp Ball, and Who’s Your Padre. Others may come along as well, and I’ll continue to track those at PadreBlogs.

As always, thanks much for your support. Let’s enjoy another great season together.

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  1. Too bad. During the season this is a twice-a-day stop for me. I will miss the daily updates. Good luck with all your other endeavors.

  2. #1@michael: Thanks much for the kind words. I will miss the daily updates, too.

  3. ONE day a week?!?!

    Unacceptable. Why don’t you hand off a couple of days to yahoos like me, Richard Wade, or Lynchmob?? On the other hand, gawd knows what that would do to YOUR blog.

  4. Geoff, I’ve followed your work for years and I’ve enjoyed your evolution into one of the foremost baseball sources out there. I understand the intrusion of everyday life into this side of things, as I’ve been somewhat clipped by “real” life, as well.

    Keep doing what you can, and we’ll keep following. My brain appreciates the exercise. :)

  5. #5@LynchMob: Paul Depodesta gave GY some love today. It’s looking too much like a farewell tour!

  6. #3@Lance Richardson: Thanks for the suggestion. This year’s schedule is pretty well set, but I’ll keep your idea in mind when I re-evaluate after the season.

    #4@Brian Wilmer: Thanks, man. I shall do my best! :-)

  7. Hey Geoff. Bummer hearing about the cut back in content. Weirdness can be good though. Hope the IGD’s will still be up and running. Best wishes on a great 2009!