Friar Forecast’s Padres 2010 Trade Deadline Primer

Friend of Ducksnorts Myron Logan (Friar Forecast) has teamed up with John Bonnes and the gang at TwinsCentric to produce an e-book called the 2010 Trade Deadline Primer. Myron contributed the chapter on the Padres (duh) and did a terrific job with it.

I will steal from the marketing folks for this next bit:

Whether you’re a Padres fan, a baseball expert or a fantasy baseball guru, this is your reference guide to the 2010 trading season. Written by Myron Logan of Friar Forecast and a host of experts from other teams, this 160+ page e-book provides all the info you’ll ever need:

  • Foreword by Rob Neyer of
  • Summaries of what every other team is looking to do at the deadline, including how it could help your fantasy team
  • 150+ easily referenced trade targets with breakdowns
  • 120+ impact prospects
  • Essays about what other teams in the NL West may be focusing on

Order now and you’ll receive your copy within minutes!

Yes, that really is how marketing people talk… Anyway, go check it out and support your friendly neighborhood blogger if you are so inclined.

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