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BP Kings Scoresheet League Draft Begins

I did a miserable job of documenting my experience in BP Kings Scoresheet League last season, which is unfortunate since my team won 90 94 games and reached the finals. I’ve been playing Scoresheet for nearly 20 years, and that ranks among my most satisfying debuts. Now that I’ve resolved to write more about the [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Life Is Just a Fantasy

Does anyone even remember Aldo Nova these days? Anyway, my latest look at the BP Kings draft is up at Baseball Prospectus. My first pick? Kyle Blanks, believe.

Chase Headley and the Art of the Comp

Reader TexPadre recently posed the following question: When will Chase Headley show a decent amount of power? Or will he ever? Headley, you may recall, was the subject of much hype in spring training 2008. He had just come off a monster season (.330/.437/.580) at Double-A San Antonio and people got a little silly, mistaking [...]

Here, There, and Everywhere

My latest article at Hardball Times looks back at a 1989 game in which the Cleveland Indians collected six hits, all home runs. Joe Carter knocked three of them. Carter, you may recall, came to San Diego the following year and gave a convincing demonstration of how utterly useless the RBI statistic is. Ten men [...]

Operation Center Field: Acquiring Targets

Now that we’ve identified potential trade targets, let’s move to the next logical step and consider what it might cost to acquire said targets. This exercise consists in determining a) what your partner needs and b) what you (i.e., the Padres) have to offer. The order of these two, as I’ve learned over many years [...]