Me, Elsewhere: Life Is Just a Fantasy

Does anyone even remember Aldo Nova these days? Anyway, my latest look at the BP Kings draft is up at Baseball Prospectus. My first pick? Kyle Blanks, believe.

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  1. Scutaro ahead of Everth? Want to explain that to me? Really, I’m just asking … is a “rules of the game” or are you down on Everth?

  2. It’s a risk management thing. Scutaro has more proven on-base skills and is more reliable defensively. Everth has higher upside, but this is a league where at most the top 240 players in baseball are kept in a given year. For as much as I like Everth, I’m just not sure he’s going to be *that* good, and if he is, I’m not sure it will happen right away. Therefore I went with the player who I expect to have better short-term value.