BP Kings Scoresheet League Draft Begins

I did a miserable job of documenting my experience in BP Kings Scoresheet League last season, which is unfortunate since my team won 90 94 games and reached the finals. I’ve been playing Scoresheet for nearly 20 years, and that ranks among my most satisfying debuts. Now that I’ve resolved to write more about the league, I’m sure my team will stink.

There are 24 teams. Each can keep up to 10 veteran players from the previous season and a more-or-less unlimited number of rookies. Keeping fewer veterans allows you to draft earlier; keeping fewer rookies allows you to draft longer.

I made one trade this off-season (not always an easy thing to do in this league). Just before protection lists were due, I swapped Twins outfielder Delmon Young for Red Sox outfield prospect Ryan Westmoreland and the first pick in round 12 (I was down two picks thanks to trades made during the 2010 pennant chase).

Despite last year’s success, I am a minimalist at heart and kept just six players (three veterans, three rookies):

  • Roy Halladay
  • Chad Billingsley
  • Rickie Weeks
  • Ernesto Frieri (r)
  • Bobby Borchering (r)
  • Ryan Westmoreland (r)

The draft began on Friday. Sky and I were the only teams to keep three veterans, which means we ping-ponged for the first few rounds. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far:

  • Round 4 – Kelly Johnson (he and Pablo Sandoval were the best hitters available; I went for position scarcity)
  • Round 5 – Ike Davis (I would have taken Sandoval here, but Sky snagged him)
  • Round 6 – Gavin Floyd (I was guaranteed to get one of the two pitchers I wanted; Sky took the other, Edwin Jackson, with the preceding pick)
  • Round 7 – Michael Young (my backup plan if I missed on Sandoval; drama notwithstanding, the guy can hit)

Bear in mind that Scoresheet more closely resembles actual baseball than do most fantasy games (which more closely resemble accounting). If something is useful to a real baseball team, it probably is useful to a Scoresheet team.

That’s where we stand. Feel free to follow the draft if that’s your thing. Comments, criticism, and suggestions are welcome…

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2 Responses »

  1. Love to hear others’ views, so thanks.

    I really liked KJ, and one reason I didn’t take him was because I didn’t think *you* would, given that you already had Weeks. Of course, I took Panda even though I already had ARod. My plan was to wait as long as possible but still grab one of KJ or Zobrist, which I was able to do. I almost took Zobrist instead of Jackson, but gambled you weren’t crazy enough to take a third 2B. ;)

  2. Thanks for responding. We both gambled that the other wouldn’t double up at a position so early in the draft… and we both lost the bet. Very interesting…